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  1. Actually Justi, they do have the balls, like Danger, they just dont have the skills. RickeyBoy
  2. OMG SOM IM RICKEY!!!!! THIEF!!! Hey Jad, yeah these guys pretty much summed it up. SWZ is dead, we are packing up and leaving Mackie with his precious sysop behind. We tried hard to save the zone, but what can you do when the people with powers dont listen and dont do anything. But apart from SWZ, cause I wont waste another word on it, Im doing good thanks:) We spoke earlier in SS, but I didn't want people going "Who the fuck is this noob JAD" lol. Yeah Im still on ICQ!!! You too? everyone abandonned me to MSN, facking losers. You play runescape? lol one of my friends IRL plays that cause hes too cheap and scared to buy WOW:P Well its good to hear from you JAD, reminds me of when swz was a young attractive woman, not a fat blob that needs it's cheese scrapped off. Peace man!!! Play your other games or join us in dsb/RS:) Only thing left in swz's life is the end of this miserable tourney where only 2 teams can win!!!! COIN TOSS BABY!!! RickeyBoy
  3. There is always redstar..... RickeyBoy
  4. Hey Quick, thanks for the input even though you aren't around anymore, so Ill fill you in as to what is happening nowadays. People are actually playing and using the zone and no one is taking advantage of it. Even I am flagging, for christ sake I hate flagging but I still do it. Only person I've seen use zone activity is Novel doing rabbits which kept the zone alive between flag games, and only thing Ive seen said to him was a sarcastic and diminutive remark from the upper staff. So, no one might have told him, but thanks Novel, your one of the only ones that care enough----props to you. RickeyBoy
  5. Welly welly well? Where to start. First, I?d like to explain why I haven?t answered any posts since my last, which by the way I appreciated all your support to my genuine concern for the zone. I wanted to give Mackie and his? staff, a chance to put their money where their mouths are and do something for a change. Mackie had words I respected a lot, and had a lot of initiatives in his post I was eager to see, so I thought that giving him some room and letting him do it was the best thing to do. It appears I was horribly wrong. Now, to get this straight, Im not here to burn anyone, Im not here to flame anything. However, I am here to say things as they are in attempt to get things moving and hope for the best. Now, Ill explain to the best of my ability what has been happening in the last week. In reaction to Mackie?s post, it was clear to some of us what had to be done and in good faith in Mackie?s words we were willing to compromise with him and do things ?HIS WAY?. Raynor proceeded to discussing the situation of the staff, which is the major issue here. Mackie had no real plan or solution, simply a little inclination to change it, in some way or another. Ray had a few ideas and Mackie agreed with them, so he went on writing a sweet ass document about ideas on how to make an active staff, that not only REACTS, but takes initiatives and makes the zone alive again. He showed me this document, I added ideas etc. The general jest of the document was a total reorganisation of the staff, how it uses it?s powers and the social standings of the mods within it. It was basically thought of so we could use every opportunity that is offered to us, and not simply those that come and offer themselves on a golden platter. We had candidates for every post, descriptions of every post, how they would interact with each other. Basically everything you could ever need as information concerning this. We even went to some players, asked them if they would be motivated enough to do some of these jobs. Basically, we put our hands in the dirt and started re-building. At this point, I was hopeful, so the document is sent to Mackie. The reaction was less than we hoped for. I won?t be going into too many details. But we did not ask Mackie to disband his whole staff, we did not look to replace some of the players he relies on. We wanted to created new roles that would take the work that Mackie and his staff are unable to do right now (Because it?s too much legwork---from their mouths). It?s good to say something, it?s a whole other thing to actually do it. What has changed since last week is Mackie maybe wanting to add a few mods.. that?s not good enough. Look, the map Ray and the settings PL did have seemed to have a positive effect on the population of the zone. I don?t like them, but they helped a bit. This will be a short term change. THIS WILL NOT LAST FOREVER SO THAT MEANS THAT THINGS HAVE TO MOVE NOW. Not in 2 weeks, not in a month. It is opportunities like this that we seem to miss every time they occur. The population is up a bit, do something to take advantage of it. One thing you CANT do is discuss for 3 months if the effects of a mod is a good thing on the zone.. FUCK MACKIE, ACT!!!!!!!!! DON?T TALK, ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went in contact with the squad captains for input from squads and we wanted to have a group of people, non staff people motivated enough to discuss ideas to be part of a council. But, this seemed too unrealistic to Mackie and he proposed a forum so everyone could discuss things. Just like the development forum we have now? Things do not work if you make it optional and ?If you wanna do it, you have to motivate yourself? You have to implicate people and ask them for their help. Yet, the staff does not wish to do that because it said ?We do not have time for the legwork? which goes back to the staff structure we proposed. It would fix the problems if you could step on your egos(Which is hard, NO DOUBT) and accept other people to do some of the work that you just DO NOT WANT TO DO. Lack of consensus in a council is not a problem you need to concern yourself with because if there are disagreements, that mean people care and people are discussing ideas. THAT IS A GOOD THING MACKIE. It?s the same thing for the website Mackie. You cannot expect people to come to you and say ?I want to be a swz reporter!!! I can bring a lot to the zone by saying my opinion on the webpage?. You or someone on your staff (see the document) that KNOWS THE PLAYERS, knows their influence and knows what people think of them, need to analyze who would be a good poster and go to them and ask them do to it, see if they would be willing. Like we proposed in the document, it could even be someone NO ONE LIKES, because this would cause rivalries etc. It?s to cause movement Mackie, waiting for people to write documents like we have is not the way to go. Thinking someone?s opinion is unworthy because they do not take 30 mins to write up an essay on it is not a valid and logical way of thinking Mackie. PEOPLE ARE NOT ROBOTS, PEOPLE ARE NOT IN THE ARMY. Some people will do that, good because they are motivated enough, but others wont BUT THEIR OPINIONS ARE STILL GOOD, THEY DON?T BECOME STUPID WHEN THEY DON?T DECIDE TO FOLLOW YOUR EXACT ?Procedures?. If you believe that because you do not have the time to test proof their ideas and you simply have time to approve or not their ideas because you are busy? SEE THE DOCUMENT, that is exactly why we say you need the help. In the many attempts I tried to speak about this with you Mackie, you put a barrier up because it is ?Your staff, your responsibility?. That?s GREEEAAAAT Mackie, I don?t want to decide for you, I don?t want to take your staff, and I certainly don?t want your damn powers. I want you to USE THOSE POWERS AND NOT BE AFRAID TO LOSE THEM. I just want to give you opinions that you do not have because you just aren?t there enough. That problem is also taken care of in the document. You need to stop seeing everything as a stupid political debate or a fight for the crown!!!!!. We don?t want to take over. We want you to get off that ass and either get YOUR hands dirty or get someone that is willing to do it. We need new life as well and we need people willing to do the grunt work that you are unwilling and unable to do. SIGH, When will you understand Mackie that you can?t sit there with your hands open and expect solutions to fly into them. And the worse damn thing is when they do, you are too busy thinking what influence it would have on your powers to give it the attention it deserves. Read the title Mackie, read it well and realize it?s what most people are feeling after you give them hope and take it right back by doing jack shit. RickeyBoy
  6. Thats new I guess! RickeyBoy
  7. Well do you? Doesn't look like it. Sigh. Im gonna be rambling and saying my opinion in this post. If you dont give a damn, then stop reading right now and go do something better with your life. Im sick of swz. Im sick of the people, Im sick of the settings, Im sick of the staff, Im sick of all of you. Im tired to see people try to make a change or a diffrence and then hit a wall cause no one else cares. Mostly the staff doesn't care, I don't blame them that much, they've been doing nothing for a few years and don't expect anything else to make a diffrence. Alot of people started playing swz during the season, we had a good active poppulation, but what did the staff do? Shit, thats what they did. You missed that chance, realize it and admit it. We have the same core people playing this zone but these people are slowly leaving and no one is doing anything about it. Oh yeah, PL did change the settings... and then... stopped doing anything. Yeah PL, you worked with Raynor for an attempt to do something, Ill give you that, but jesus, do you not think you dont have enough influence to do more? When will all of you, and yes this concerns you Mackie get your fucking head out of your asses and actually start working together. Ray worked hard for this zone and always have and most of you don't even fucking recognize it. Maybe that's one of the reasons he isn't always the easiest to talk with? Maybe he cares so much for the zone that hes actually one of the only damn ones who tried to do something about it. But still Mackie, because its Raynor, you had to let your ego get in the way and stand off with him again? Sigh... No mods care about the zone enough to do anything. Yeah PL you did a few events when you were promoted... but thats about it. I know its hard to be the only staffer that cares PL, but Im telling it like I see it. We all have our reasons, Mackie is busy IRL? Good Mackie, Im so pleased that you have a successful life and are spending time in it. I truely am, no sarcasm. But shit, the zone doesn't dissapear when you have a job!!! OH WAIT, YES IT IS DISAPEARING. Maybe some of you haven't realized but there is no one on staff interested enough in their job. They take it for granted. They take it for something they have earned, not the privilege of serving the players. I go in EG or any other zones and the mods actually want to do what they are doing. The only life Ive seen from mods are a few green messages poking fun at other players... Good, you can *arena... how about doing something worth while with that power? GOD DAMNIT guys, do you think hosting a league every now and then mixed with a tourney is gonna save whats left of the zone? Like Ive said before I saw EG die before my eyes to 5 people in peek hours including me. Look at it now. And they didnt need to change their settings. Its not about the damn settings get that straight out of your heads. We have great settings, stop thinking thats the probleme. We have great settings, STOP THINKING THATS THE PROBLEME. Instead look at you. Look at what your doing. Mackie, I know I told you this, but I got a e-mail today that just sickened me to my core, so Im just telling everyone cause I don't give a rats ass. You expect people to give you clear cut plan of how to save the zone. Map, settings, ideas, refs, everything. That's good Mackie, but, let me remind you that YOU ARE THE SYSOP, YOU ARE THE PERSON IN CHARGE, YOU ARE THE PERSON THAT IS SUPPOSE TO LEAD AND SAVE THE ZONE. NOT ME, NOT RAYNOR, NOT PL, NOT KKF, NOT GOOGOL, NOT POSER, NOT SOM, NOT ANYONE BUT YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Get that? YOU!!!!! Mackieman, no one else. THE ZONE IS YOURS. Your not suppose to stop caring about it. And if you cant take care of the zone, FIND SOMEONE THAT WILL AND FOR CHRIST SAKES TAKE A DAMN CHANCE. Over the last few weeks I have heard and submitted great ideas, Ideas that could really make a diffrence and bring the poppulation up. But, OMG to the big surprise of everyone involved, that takes work, time and effort. You need to coordinate things, people and bring everyone together to make it work. Putting a map, changing the settings, even finding a new interesting idea for an event or hosting a tourney will do NOTHING for the zone in the long term if you do not get in touch with the people and put your damn product out there. What SWZ looks like these days is a damn test zone. What are we testing? The best way to go down? That's whats happening. Reality check boys. Not enough people care and you aren't giving them a reason to. And when someone does care enough, you put them off. If you think you know best, then fucking prove it, cause you arent doing jack shit let me remind you. You know PL, this may sound a bit harsh to you cause of the work youve put in to the zone, so you can comfort yourself that half of my comments are in no way aimed to you cause at least youve tried recently. I dont agree with how youve tried but youve tried. But I bet you that if everything stays the same, in 2 months, you wont be trying. If you dont have the time, then dont do it, but dont give everyone the illusion that you will do something. At least be honest and say "Look everyone, I have a RL, saving the zone would take alot of work and effort which I do not have the time to give, Im sorry, I wish I would but I can't, if anyone can, please, lets work together and maybe find a solution". Simple isnt it? In 1 month I start a new chapter of my life, I won't really have time for this game much anymore. Ill be on every now and then for my squad and my friends, but it will pain me everytime I come on and see good ole swz still the same dying animal in the ditch. Nothing lives forever and swz is no exception. Ive seen no other zone where people cared enough to play as much as the swz folks have... People love this zone but are just watching it slip away. Im about done here. I don't really know what to say anymore, I feel like Ive said enough but at the same time that I need to say so much more, because this wont cut it, this won't make a diffrence, that this wont make you care any more because your done with this issue. You know, I don't even want an answer on this forum. I don't, don't waste your time writting a 10 page retort about this. Use that time wasted on trying to make yourself look better and put it in the zone instead. Shit!!!!! I'm done and Im out, RickeyBoy
  8. Well, that would be a league vap. I personally think its a better format than the event they are holding right now. Event, tourney, ehhh same to me. A league would cause more rivalry because you might get to face the same people a few times. If there are enough entries you can have seedings based on pre-season and have 2 divisions which could either fight inner-division a couple of times instead of facing everyone once. You could also add a few inter-division matches to mix it up a bit and have whatever kind of playoffs after that. I think it would be more fun and longer lasting than this 1 shot deal that 1 no-show means the end of the line. I mean sure it's a good event and good for the zone, but you might be able to do something better with a league. But then you'd have to get rid of LG baha:) RickeyBoy
  9. QUOTE you werent even in the event you just like to pick arguments with me because of my past What past? lol RickeyBoy
  10. What I love most about this is the stupid hobo unable to spell clone.... god bless America RickeyBoy
  11. Sorry guys you wont have much luck with LG. He would rather please himself than the other players, no matter how many you are. The other day he even resigned from the event he was hosting right before losing so he could prize himself. It was quite a sad sight... seeing him cheat, then complain when others told him to apply the rules because it was HIS event and it was preseason and the rules did not apply... Then moving on, everyone followed the rules but he decided to throw a tantrum and leave, prize himself, his teamate and poser but pouting at the person who decided to follow the rules (not me). Quite sad LG, you need to start following what people want and make the rules/events fit accordingly. This is an event to please the people, not your own ego. Thanks, RickeyBoy
  12. Hahahhaha I like how FC totally missed the point of my post:P God some people are stupid lol RickeyBoy
  13. Hey everyone:P this is from the same site as that insane dance dance guy:P It's a couple of old men fighting it out!!!! Thought I should post it cause its from Quebec!!!! A couple of old men fighting:P If you want a translation its more or less the guy on the phone pissed off and threathening the other guy;) The other guy is like "Punch me, punch me comon!!!" then the other gets mad swears and hits him the reporter tells them to stop The confident old guy tells the reporter to hold his phone Confident old guy "COMON YOU FUC***" the other old man "I have no intention of fighting" then it doesnt really matter, the fun starts happening hahahahha:P Notice the grunt when the old man hits the floor and the amazing swing after that from the guy left standing.... priceless:P http://www.fazed.org/video/view/?id=32 RickeyBoy
  14. Ok, I have something to propose.... It may sound crazy but listen, it's not as stupid as it sounds... We could have a roster of 3.5 people... ehhh? ehhh? Yes we could have someone with half a name play!!! Yes!!! like you know, he could, erm... play in... YES 2 teams and... be like... a... incase player... yes hmmm we could have a list of players that can... err... play in all the teams...and they would count as .5!!!! What do you erm... think? Baha RickeyBoy
  15. what the hell do you mean cheesy it ownnnnnned:P RickeyBoy
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