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  1. No Nazis are history and they cannot just come back and take over the world however you are right in one way as people who think and act as Nazis will help destroy the world as we know it so they will be part of the problem in that way, but no Nazi party SS uber Machet are all gone and they wont be coming back unless anyone can possess the septer of Reincarnation from the Hell's Level 4,,
  2. who cares about the game man i just joined for fun and well for the trash talk section, i want to meet people and talk about stuff, i dont need to be playing games for that, do you play games to talk to people and have fun you dont need to be a SEO or and progammer to join my place you want to have fun you can joined no restrictions,,
  3. No never played the games you mentioned and this thread was created to by me to kick start things again and check how many people reply with a NO STARWARSZONE IS NOT DEAD but i think you mail cleared the situation to me this place is shut down right, moved to the other place you send me the link to but i am not sure about joing there, sorry dont mind but i joined this place after seeing that there are people here who talk freely and has a good up and running trash talk section your new places does not have a trash talk section, well i will be coming here for a while, see you around, and have a nice day and in case i dont see you around at night Good Night in advance
  4. EVERY one in this Forum is in my hitlist anyone who thinks or even fantasize about trash talking is in my it list and i will end their little trash talking dreams and i too joined for the trash taking section but unfortunately seems like i am late but i will hand around in case someone shows up and if there are people they can trash talk to me as much as they like i will never give up or leave minding what people say i mean thats what it is trash talk people are not suppose to behave nicely of politely or say good things in this section moderators too should understand this that if they have a trash talk section then they should keep an open mind towards that section as people come there to open up and talk in a different manner then they usually do they can become somthing they are not or behave the way there dont in normal life
  5. HELLO ALL my username is Newgod and i joined today and today is 18th September 2011, Sunday morning 9:30 AM and thought that this palce will be great fun place to be but i was so very wrong it seems that people have not be around here since 2005,2006 thats years, SO I AM INFORMING THIS TO THE GUESTS THAT THIS FORUM IS DEAD AND INCASE YOU ARE INTERESTED DONT SIGN UP THIS WILL BE WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY AS THERE ARE NO PEOPLE IN THIS FORUM YOU WILL BE BORED TO DEATH JUST LIKE ME, HOWEVER THERE ARE MANY OTHER PLACES WHICH ARE ALSO DEAD SO REST IN PEACE STARWARSZONE FORUMS YOU MERMORY WILL SOON FADE AWAY FROM THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF PEOPLE AND THIS PLACE WILL BURY UNDER THE SANDS OF TIME this thread will stay on top since no one else will post here as noone comes here anymore anyways I WILL BE CHECKING THIS PLACE OUT OR SIMPLE POST AS THERE IS NO ONE NO ONE WILL BOTHER ME POSTING HERE, THANKS NEWGOD MAY NEWGOD BLESS YOU
  6. What the Fuck this place is absolutely deserted man, i mean the last post is 2005, thats 6 years ago, man its feels like standing in the middle of a ghost town on a moonless midnight, this place sucks man so does this place members who just created accounted and forgot about it, because they are not really using it in any way
  7. well the god of trash talking is here but i see no one comes around here, seems like a totally dead place, man i feel i joined and wasted my time here, because people have not checked in since 2006
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