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  1. duds! ola! come hang, lotsa peeps remember ya... still quite a few old faces around...
  2. once upon a time.... many moons ago... but i forget the rest of it...
  3. The next pic I create, I will be putting Huntress back on as old time high scorer, and I'll even see if I can spell Levi's name right ... lol... As with most things where there's more than one person involved... can't please all the people all the time, so as long as I can please some of the people all of the time, or all the people some of the time, I'm a happy camper... B-)
  4. hahaha, where we are, they take the skids off and call them skidoo's snow? haven't seen snow here in like decades....
  5. stacking teams already... you know i gotta work foo...
  6. How's this for service! It's now back up! As well as prac, duel, tourney, redalert, and oldelim...
  7. Initiald is one of the subarenas that are having to be re-loaded into the server... Hopefully it'll be back soon... along with several others...
  8. Also, to note, as of March 21st... ANTI is ILLEGAL in center. The center is defined as the defined square in the center including the safes, but not including the mini's on the top and bottom. Happy Flagging!
  9. As per news.txt a few minutes ago... --------------------- March 19, 2006 SWZ has moved to a separate server at the same host for load balancing. A redirect has been setup so that you will still be able to connect using the old IP. When you update your zone listings the new IP will be updated as well. Also, I have recovered the files from the original SSCX server and have setup the Prac and Duel arenas. Everything else will be forthcoming. -Mackieman --------------------- So things are starting to get back to normal, still got some things to do, but we are making progress... --adf
  10. QUOTE (No_Remorse @ Mar 12 2006, 02:56 PM) By the way, you should scrap your shitty blazer, get a new Danali or something. ~NR my blazer would drive over a danali and squash it like a bug ok, well it might take 2 passes to flatten it ... ehhe...
  11. schizos... mutiple personalities... I have a hard enuf time keeping up with one Ok trades... I'll trade you all the 1/2 ton axles off my blazer for a good np205 transfer case.... ehhe... you pay shipping
  12. Glad to know home is still home, just at a new address... and my ping is even better as well... guess my emp magnet just got stronger... Tis also good to know that while we're safe for now, that we do have a plan to "save the day" should the need arise in the future. While in some ways, it was sad/amusing/maddening to read some of the posts that were flying around, there are some of us in some of the zones that will see that, as long as we have players, we'll keep things alive and well for the forseeable future... Thanks Macks for staying on this, and sorry I had to work all day yesterday...
  13. QUOTE (fox-1 @ Mar 5 2006, 04:16 PM) OMG .. It's showing 110ms for me! Maybe I should come back and proof that my skill wasn't (entirely) based on lag! hahah me double dares ya! ehhe
  14. heck I got 25 yrs to go before I retire, surely you have longer
  15. QUOTE (Full Charge @ Mar 4 2006, 02:05 AM) 3. ADF, for his rocketing at you and sometimes killing you (like 7% of the time) and his unappreciated effort(err that's a good thing but i'll add it neway) I swear, it's gotta be 8%... now really... QUOTE (Full Charge @ Mar 4 2006, 02:05 AM) Is swz gone 4ever? as SSCX yes... I would say that's a safe bet at this point... But Star Warzone....for a few days, few weeks, maybe, but 4ever, no, it shall not happen, not as long as I can help it... and that's all I'm gonna say about that at this time.
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