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  1. too long and too much crap in it (ie onesided view) :-s
  2. where is that guy who posted the dancing chicken and the dancing pig and stuff ... hmm cant remember his name atm :-k
  3. 2 weeks ago i got capped and the highscorer (spac) didnt know anything about it. i didnt want it so i !decapped myself. but i didnt blame spac nor did i whine about it on this forum so get over it =; ps. it looks like every (s)mod who becomes sysop stops playing swz. it s like a disease [-( pps. miew is still a cool guy /
  4. QUOTE ok that was odd :bonk: no that was old :fork: try looking at a poster or a flag instead of looking at your hand :cow: .
  5. http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/text/bushmail.html[/url]
  6. Subslayer !


    Flogging Molly - Devils Dance Floor
  7. i agree, being able to spec for flags can really get a flagging game going. although i have respect for ppl who want to spend their time looking for flags, i personally dont have much fun searching for them, so i dont do it :fork: ... as much other ppl dont wanna do i still wanna have some descent explanation for not being able to spec for flags :bonk:
  8. Subslayer !


    1205,6 :badgrin: ok i played it on another site, but is still have more :dance: http://users.pandora.be/wolf-studios/superpingu.swf
  9. QUOTE Speccing gets rid of the boring parts and gets you to the fun parts. exactly! dont tell me hiding flags is a skill :bonk:
  10. Mackie has shaman skillz :bonk:
  11. i hope u do know that the money the usa needed to pay for the war in irac is loaned from the national bancs of china and india? strong $ my ass; why is the usa threatening china not to devaluate their currency anymore? yup: fear! :badgrin: the usa's world dominance was based ON trust, but due TO their arrogance (just READ 50% posts :bonk: ) they re losing control :cow: . a recent inquiry asked which countries we (euros) consider TO be the most threatening. the top 5 consisted OF irac, afghanistan, north korea, usa AND israel (supported by the usa, duh). i dunno the exact order, but i think the usa was ON #1 :clown: .
  12. You woulda lost to JF in the finals if your 2 Aussies and countless Euros didnt lag into our base with 1 second left on the timer :badgrin: EXCUSES!! inc owned all j00 fools ez. :devil: TOO BAD INC IS DEAD/DYING maybe its cuz inc was based on swzfl-only that and the fact that there s no swzfl going on, explains why inc is dead/dying btw that second flaggame versus JF was one of the best games i ve ever played, my hands were totally shaking towards the end anyway the best team won, we raped 2 JF bases that flaggame in less than 200 seconds each ps dont tell me that JF didnt have laggers pps hi som :bye:
  13. i dont play for points, i play for fun :cow:
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