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  1. You could only hope to be as good as me, even in your wildest dreams of wanting to be the best, you are only dog shit on my shoe. Good Day.
  2. Raynor, Could you read this and see that it is from ARCADIAN and let me know or Pointman know that this IP address is ME.. so that I can get my fucking name back.. Its become a almost 3 week process of nobody believing anything but apparently when you backup your files and format your hard drive continuum has a safe fault that when the profile files are copied, they automatically clear passwords.. so when I formatted and copied the files back.. BOOM!.. No more passwords.. and a new machine id/ip and all the billing ops don't seem TO think logically about how this can happen AND who the hell would WANT Arcadian back that wasn't Arcadian.. well now that I have posted this everyone is going to run to PLATINUM-HALO and Pointman trying to become me?... I highly doubt it.. I just need someone respectable and intelligent to verify that this is Arcadian.. Thanks for your time. Arcadian
  3. Personally I found the HoF to contain members of the Starwarzone community that for the most part all played an integral part in developing each and everyone one of the players skills we see today. Everyone in the zone currently has "their favorite players" and people they think should be in the HoF but the significance of a new HoF is minimal compared to the original members. No player currently in the game playing style wise has done anything not seen before in the past, other than everdream and her record 700-0 or whatever it was. The only other people that deserve any credit are map makers and mods/developers within the game including all SWZ staff. We could just as easily start our own "Assumed Hall of Fame" at a geocity site and all brag about it.... Nobody should need recognition from this game.. if you do you live a sad sad life.
  4. I pose this question, also. Not so much in the sense that Zeta owns SWZL, as much as SWZ was heavily influenced by Zeta and ran by Zeta. Shrug.. who cares? :bye:
  5. Most likely to be wasted sitting in spec Wild. Most Annoying Sonics_ Pilot-X Most likely to be sending packets by carrier pigeon hannival Best Duellers Me everdream Jade^ Wanderito Neverdream Dyrus Fox-1 Slayer of Men Best Flaggers Me Anyone on my private frequency splice Slayer of Men Who really cares? Mod that has banned me the most wald0 :clap: Player I love to death but get into arguments with often Mom. :dance: Those I enjoy talking to most Wild. KillerKongFu splice Slayer of Men 2 players I'd most LIKE TO see naked out OF curiosity everdream Jade^ The overall coolest GROUP OF guys IN the game FOR various reasons Jedi^Force The squad most likely TO whine AND bitch about its own members Orion The squad that deserves congrats FOR finally winning its OWN League Zeta-Squadron My favorite color Blue Favorite SS Pastime TKing AND ballkilling reccers. Most memorable ballkill moment.. Arcadian Dyrus AND Princepin setting up everdream TO GET mines repelled INTO her the same TIME she was tossed the ball. Bahahaha. Much <3 ever. .. I decided TO stop here.. this IS fun AND could GO ON forever.. :bonk:
  6. Oh christ.. lemme link it onto my website.. mb
  7. In order to become one with Subspace you must first master the game in every aspect. What can be seen below is me and what all the years of playing the game has done to my physique. I still think I am sexy. :bonk: I mean it only took eating 5 pizzas a day and at least 2 buckets of chicken. But with the concentration of masturbating to the reward...I mastered the game.. And now you may wonder.. well what have you gained personally from this experience and weight gain... Well it sure has made whats pictured below a hell of a lot easier to accomplish. And this may not look like a lot of fun... but take it from a hillbilly... Its better than anything human...
  8. Arcadian

    A plea

    :dance: Aite so obviously I am not leaving Starwarzone, I know this makes many of you angry and upset. I apologize for this, but I am now not going to move until August thanks to no job, and well no job. Selling crack isn't very profitable FOR me AT this TIME. So instead, I turn TO SWZ AND the overwhelming fun the powerball IS. AS Dyrus said the skill AND teamwork that IS developed through the use OF powerball helps IN NOT ONLY this online game, but IN REAL life too. It teaches the importance OF helping one another TO accomplish a goal. Please bring back this learning tool so that I can better my online AND REAL life. Thanks, Arcadian
  9. To all my friends and enemies... Due to conflictions between my virtual life and my real life it is time for me to make a choice as to which I am going to continue to pursue.. and seeing as how it is almost impossible to thrive living in a virtual dreamworld where warbirds and weasels collide, I have to decide real life. I am going to be moving in the next month or so and will be without internet and refuse to use a dialup connection. I will be around on Sundays through May but then only the future will tell whether or not I return to subspace. I have put a lot of time into playing a game that doesn't gain me anything EXCEPT personal satisfaction. Through years AND years OF sitting ON my ass flying around I have come TO the realization finally that I am NOT going TO become a millionaire OR even successful dedicating the amount OF TIME I do TO a game WITH NO REAL purpose. I thought AND reflected FOR years ON becoming the "Best Pilot in all of SS"... AS odd AS that sounds I am sure we have ALL had those thoughts AT one TIME OR another.. AND instead OF striving TO do that I settled IN SWZ AND got TO know a lot OF awesome people that I am going TO miss dearly. THEN OF course there ARE those LIKE hannivaol AND Pilot-X whom I just can't tolerate based on their own stupidity. But to those that got to know me, had conversation with me, and play by my side I thank you for the good times. I am moving on from a lot of things in my life. I just recently decided I was done with my fraternity as well and it is time to move on even in my real life beyond the childish dreams I have been clutching to with every last ounce of my strength. To realize one is growing older and must conform and become a part of society is a harsh reality for someone that has been online using computers since the age of 12. I am 22 now, and would have never though 10 years ago I would be one of the addicts still playing this game I originally made fun of. It was well worth all the time and I bid farewell to you all. Thanks for all the good times. Andy
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