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  1. Awww I feel the love! Good to see my name still appear sometimes Anyway, as soon as some sort of flagging league starts again I might just return to play in it (as I always said)!
  2. You woulda lost to JF in the finals if your 2 Aussies and countless Euros didnt lag into our base with 1 second left on the timer :badgrin: This is asking for a response! Man, yaaaaaaawn. Well, I gotta give you: for the first time ever we had to try flagging in that final. First one was still as ez as all the other ez matches we ever played, second game you rocked us asleep and we woke up just in time (2 or 3 secs to spare still). Ah well, what can ya say: EZ $$ 0wned!
  3. Thats what I was trying to tell you as well
  5. RedT


    I will come back and play this game for any league that involves flagging.
  6. Aaah ok! So I missed something indeed
  7. QUOTE a lot of the high ranked players only play swz for league or very rarely come back to dick around. swz main isn't exactly challenging AND/OR entertaining. Why do so much people post their beliefs as being the only true. It's your perception of SWZ main, when to alot of other people it can be challenging and entertaining. I just freakin hate posts like this because they are useless and depressing. It's sad to see people nowadays can't think about what others might enjoy or like, but can only put on eyepatches and look in one direction: their own. 5am, bad english, wrong words.
  8. So if I would be on the free agency list, could I be picked up 2 minutes before matchtime because the team couldn't field 4? I might have missed a rule somewhere...
  9. JAD where am I in the fucktard list? Top 10 at least? :s
  10. Not to butt in or something, but with 12 players on a team that WANT TO play this league, how much will actually start in matches? If you get a league solely with devoted people that want to be involved in it, wouldn't it be wiser TO GET LIKE 8 people ON a team, so everyone has a fair chance OF playing?
  11. It wasn't a joke, it's the reality.... Volkswagen cars run really long! I know, I'm NOT happy TO admit it either....
  12. "Hull-breach!" "WHERE THE HELL IS FERN!?" "OOPS sorry sir!" Blub blub... *This little reading show was brought to you by RedT Inc.*
  13. Could you be so very kind to alter the size a bit (size DOES matter!) so I don't have TO SCROLL RIGHT AND down so much TO see the whole picture AND so my text doesn't show up as annoying as it does now?
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