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    Ill come out of retirement if you: Bring privs back FOREVER - the whole point of them was to give newbies a chance, and the result: Every vet this zone once had, has run off. I actually played Redstar for a reset, because they had privs, and It was the first 3 weeks I ever played the zone and I got #2 in flagging. It helped that through Adept I got onto the best team in RS before I even set foot in their Zone. SWZ has better gameplay then RS, or used to at least, I see no reason why SWZ's pop should be so dominated by RS. If we remove thors, that would be a step in the right direction. The league is not fun, it takes 0 skill these days, and it's basically laggy euro WBs dominating. Not that there is anything wrong with Euros. But the league needs to put more emphasis on skill (accuracy with bombs) than with the ability to use multifire in a spiking WB. Flagging used to be fun, even with caps. Note: the bot never existed back then, and we got by just fine. Having caps enter mid game via bot = retarded. Everytime the pop would just be high enough, the bot would have the HS pick a Cap, and if you have a retard on your team, you basically could lose your flags before getting a Cap. Then the pop instantly drops because 2 more queers left your team and then Caps are removed, and you've just lost the flag game, unless you can get your moronic pubmates to gather thors and learn to aim them and fire at the same time. I remember when milking / nueting was a fun aspect of the game. Flag games always took a long time to play. RS has this element, the problem is a lot of ppl in RS rather center kill than base, which limits the number of fun flag games. SWZ was once a very fun zone. I remember the very beginning, I remember SSWt1 (Vespar's SWZ) and the gang that used to play there. Ive thought for a long time about why SWZ has become such a waste, and it really is due to: Lack of privs, horrid bot control over cap ships, lack of community, and fewer mods.
  2. Kula


    Umm well not many, but those were different anyways. Im retired, unless SWZL undergoes some drastric changes and people have touse something other then a warbird to win matches. Then I might consider a comeback. But really, It's TIME I just retire.
  3. Kula


    Well I guess it doesnt matter much since I only came into SWZ for 4 of my 10 swzl matches. But Im gonna be sentimental and post a retirement on the message board. It wasnt a tought decision, plus Ill still be in HZ... Anyways
  4. Affe, use the Easter Weekend clause, I will likely not make any games set for Sat/Sun However, Friday and Monday are do-able!
  5. Kula


    I'm still interested IN joining a team.
  6. Hi I'll glady JOIN ANY good team who cares TO recruit me
  7. GL, stop being a lying sack of beans. You can't remember anything correctly, though I flagged a lot, I did know how TO duel, AND since I never lagged LIKE SOME OF the "top duellers" I never considerd myself a dueller. Plus I do recall winning Goebel off your Squad IN a spider duel. THANKS
  8. agreed lets call it a draw :/ or sunday @ 2pm
  9. GL, not to bust your bubble, but, I was better then you, and I still am. THANKS
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