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  1. Yes Code. You can have up to 10 chats. Click on profiles and on that screen you will find "chats" with a space to enter them in. Enter in each chat separated by a comma with no spaces, like this: theforce,blahblah,yabadabadoo,ummarules etc, etc In the game you speak on the chats in the order that they are entered on the chats menu. So you would type ";hello" to speak on theforce chat, and ";3;hello" to speak on the yabadabadoo chat, as it is the third one on the list.
  2. Ummagumma


    Pl: Don't get discouraged. A few of us have lately been starting games, despite not having a coordinated launch of our campaign, and these games have turned out very well for the most part. So the idea of having at least at least 1 Force member on each team works in getting games going; starting a new game once one has finished has worked also but I haven't seen this as much. For me these are the most important parts of our group and by doing this repeatedly hopefully will cause everyone else in the zone to catch the flagging bug and flagging will once again become what it once was. I am in total concordance that attitudes need to change in the zone, but don't get too down if someone has an occasional outburst, like me Believe it or not, but my attitude has changed in the past while and I am always working to improve it, but I think we have to allow for the occasional episode and not get too flustered about it. I would be much more concerned if members started slacking and weren't doing their jobs by balancing teams and starting games. Now I would like for us to finally officially get this thing kicked off and I would like to see a decision made regarding the tags vs. banners issue. If it will make it easier and appease everyone in the group then I say we just go with a banner. This is a very simple matter and for it to drag on as long as it has is silly. Next thing is that we need an official date for our efforts to take effect and this should probably be e-mailed to all members so that we don't have to rely on people reading the forum. Lastly, and this is very important, I want to see every damn member on chat as of now. I have seen many members in the zone since the chat has been made public but hardly any of them are on the chat. So please everyone get on the chat so that we can communicate and get this going. The chat has been very useful so far when starting games and discussing ideas. Maintaining communications during games is also critical. I believe we are also supposed to keep track of zone population during the 1 official week of Force activity, so let's not forget that. p.s. the chat is theforce
  3. Is something going to be done about these players who spend way too much time sitting in safe? This has been going on for a while now and has a very bad affect on the zone because spots are being taken up by players who aren't even playing leaving 1 team shorthanded FOR long periods. I didn't realize it before but when I checked today and saw that safety time was 1 hour I was amazed. It should be reduced to no more than 15 minutes and the center safe should be put somewhere on the corner of the map and the warp portal should be brought back so we're also NOT inconvenienced by another lamer tactic, a player sitting IN AND near the safe WITH antiwarp ON. I'm glad that anti is now legal everywhere, but I don't think the ZONE's developers envisioned it working this way.
  4. You like sayking that don't you G? We've heard it already a dozen times from you. Think of something original to write, or something positive - now there's an idea - OR stfu already. Umma
  5. Seems to me that you're the one that can't let go. How many topics have you started or contributed to regarding this zone? You claim to want to see the zone close down and mock everyone who plays in it, yet you can't stop obsessing over it. Putz.
  6. ROFL. 18 tk's? You shoulda been banned FOR that even if they were NOT your fault AS you claim. Even though they might NOT have been malicious, a ban was IN order cause if you couldn't figure out that your wallbombing was detrimental to your team's effort after 3, 4, OR even 5 tk's, then something should have been done to teach you that. Umma
  7. I e-mailed Miew asking him for some input on what capabilities we might want for our league bot and this was his reply: "If you don't need a bot THEN you shouldn't get one, having a bot complicates things by putting a reliance on the resource. We can bring in a stats an lag bot but i don't think there IS really much need FOR MORE than that " Should we allow players to use the lag bot to check an opposing enemy's lag, let's say, once per five minutes instead of three per five like in main? Can we come up with some different stats for the bot to announce or just keep the ones it announces in main? If we don't come up with anything more for the bot to do in the next few days I will ask Miew to go ahead and start preparing it. Umma
  8. I'm still NOT very much IN favor OF HAVING cap ships because I don't think a majority of players would want to see this as a regular occurence in our league. That being said I would be in favor of lowering the amount of players needed before a cap is allowed from 9 to 8, but I don't believe it should be LOWER than this. Also, I still think that approval FROM BOTH teams should be required before a cap game IS allowed. I feel the ZONE nowadays IS split 50/50 ON caps so I wouldn't want to commit to it 100%, but it might not be a bad idea to allow them in the way I suggested as a gimmick to attract players and we'll see if it's what they want. Umma
  9. I wasn't crazy AT FIRST about USING caps IN our league since over TIME I've lost interest in the use of that ship. However, I think it might be a decent idea to introduce a modified cap ship as the 10th player for each team (team sizes for matches will be 5 or 6 - 9), if both teams agree to this during the course of a game. Maybe this will help draw more people to matches in the hopes that they will get to use the cap ship, or maybe not We are using SWZ settings, but tweaking them a little. Thors are in because they are a legitimate tactic which take some skill to use (trying to kill an enemy flagger as a last ditch attempt to get some flags) and can be defended against. Scarcity of thors is pretty good in my opinion. Bricks are another matter and I'm NOT so sure that they should be included since this IS the ONLY item which cannot be defended against. If they were kept they would have TO modified TO be 3 OR 4 tiles IN LENGTH AND LAST FROM 10 - 15 seconds. I wouldn't want bricks stopping a team dead in its tracks for x amount of time even if it were cut down to 15 seconds. They should only be used to slow a team down, not completely block a tunnel or entrance, or they can be used to stop a bombline. If we keep them then I suggest setting them at 4 tiles and 10 seconds and keep prizeweight the same. Prox won't be happening since I can't get it the way I would like it. Prizeweight for reps can be lowered a bit, but not too much, but we need to wait on this for the time being until I test out a modified damage-factor in the settings which I will start doing very soon. That's ALL FOR now I guess. Keep the ideas FOR settings, map, rules coming please. Umma
  10. I don't have a problem WITH this. I've never participated in any fanatasy leagues before, so I have nothing to compare this with, but it seems straight forward and if you want to keep track of this as we go along Ant, be my guest Umma
  11. This is much much better Will be easier to organize the various items we need to discuss.
  12. Do we need one? Do we want one? What do we need and want it to do? One of the main features we will want no doubt is lag checking. What else is there that will be useful to us? List your ideas here and let's figure this out soon so we can submit our proposal TO Miew so he can GET started (OR whoever will be making it FOR us). Umma
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