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  1. Like one of those queer sororities with a webcam, right?
  2. Just start a thread there AND I'll answer any question. I rather do it there than here. Raynor, I'm just merely inviting people if they're curious. Here's SOME eye-candy OF one OF the new 1 gb players [this unit handles this disc, it's removeable like little floppies, same size as regular MD, just a different laser system], the NH900: About the transferring the music to the discs bit, it's been made much easier WITH the latest version OF Sonicstage. It's such a solid format now..
  3. Thanks guys for getting back on topic, and Raynor, I don't know about the respect thing.. Anyway, old Minidisc technology has a few merits over the iPod/iRiver/Karma AND ALL those other HDD players. Something IS anew, though..IN a MONTH OR two Sony IS going TO release the one gigabyte Minidisc, dubbed "Hi-MD". These discs will ONLY cost $7 each, AND will be able TO hold DATA AND music, WITH USB uploading AS well [those OF you who use MD now understand the importance OF uploading]. It's a very exciting time for Minidisc.. :dance: So far, only Sony has released Hi-MD units, but Sharp and the other big names will later on in the year. Here's SOME OF the Sony units: http://minidisc.org/part_Hi-MD_Sony.html p.s. LIKE I said before, I would love TO discuss the advantages OF the existing MD format AND the new Hi-MD format AT the forums. You'll be surprised..like this: certain Minidisc units, even though they have lower output, have much more detailed sound than any hard-drive/flash player on the market. :bye:
  4. Whatever happened to Harloch? He was such a great guy before be became "1337"
  5. Not to be a buzzkill, but why the hell are you talking about Windows vs. open source OS's IN a Minidisc thread? Seriously, this IS why I LEFT this place, NO one can keep anything ON topic FOR MORE than two OR three posts before it turns INTO SOME inane b.s. :clap:
  6. Wow, surprised so many of you actually use it. Did you guys hear about the new one gigabyte Minidisc that's coming this summer? It's one hell of a time for MD. :dance: Seriously, I want all of you who use it to sign up at the place! p.s. Isn't MD + Continuum = bliss? :bye:
  7. Circle, I would love to discuss the advantages of the Minidisc format with you at the aforementioned forums. Anyway, I won't be dishonest, the member listing IS accurate, but the NUMBER OF active members IS much less compared TO the total members, ONLY due TO the forums were completely unorganized up until about two/three weeks ago [it was standard PHPBB WHEN I joined, AND obviously much MORE than that now]. The amount OF new members has increased tenfold since I started admining, AND it's becoming quite the place for related discussion. The host site, minidisc.org, is the world's largest Minidisc site IN the world.
  8. If so, please visit my forums. It runs on the same format as this one, without the bugs, and with a newer version of phpbb + security patches that this one doesn't have! Raynor, do you even have phpmyadmin? Good stuff. http://forums.minidisc.org p.s. Minidisc, FOR those OF you who don't know, is a portable music format that is very popular in just about every other country except the US. I'd love TO explain MORE about it, but I'll leave any inquries/questions for you to ask at my place! Check it out.
  9. Great story! :clap: *goes back to Redstar*
  10. i like(d): - y1 - gold_leader - a blonde chick - SPACGHOST = $ - old gold squadron, incs!, various members of ORION, etc - captain harloch before he was well-known - poserwannabe when he actually cared - DCR when he actually cared - Trint - Ma$e, when he doesn't have a bloody crotch - yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo [however many yo's there are, i forgot] - kula. - Levitcus - Arcadian - Arcannon - <3<3 Mom. <3<3 - d'syx - i miss dudley! :/ - elmo WHEN he isn't being queer + stoned + rambling. - the maryland stoned continuum organization + much more, I don't have TIME FOR this.
  11. Yeah, I quit playing as much..I take breaks often when I play, and flying all the way down to middle center is annoying. Another failed idea. :clap:
  12. Geigh geigh geigh geigh geigh. Say it to yourself. "Geigh (short pause) geigh geigh geigh (short pause) geigh." Geigh.
  13. I went out to smoke a cigarette on the porch today and I came across this: [At first glance, an ordinary broom..] [Yes, those are grey mushrooms :eek: ] *boggled*
  14. Maybe NASA should stop hiring people with third-grade intelligence. Then people wouldn't die. I've heard so much stuff about how the Columbia accident wasn't an accident AND NASA screwed up bigtime.. I'm sick of hearing about it.
  15. I'm an asphalt imprinter. Yes, it IS geigh. :cry: chris
  16. rabbit or a duck? :bonk: chris
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