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  1. Chippers shows up once every six months or so. I want airpain back.
  2. Yeah Levi, some of us have things to do on Friday nights and don't sit in front of the computer for hours on end. I don't know who those people are but they suck.
  3. QUOTE (Full Charge @ Mar 24 2006, 02:41 AM) I think Nazis should come back and kill everyone except themselves. Anybody have something to say about that?
  4. Oh well, at least I tried.
  5. Can I donate $5 to get you to move out of Spokane?
  6. You're only supposed to have one you douches.
  7. So there once was a guy named Xalimar. He had a server bank hosted where he worked at a company called Exodus. That server bank was called SSCX. Then one day an asshole named Prime from Powerball had a spat with Xalimar and decided to call the company and have the server shut down. For, you see, Exodus knew about the server. However, Exodus was bought out twice and is now Savvis who did not know about or authorize the servers. The server he reported was SSCX1 which housed WZ, PB, and of course SWZ. As such, the server was immediately taken offline. As a precaution and a deterrent against other actions like this that could harm Xal's job security, all of SSCX was taken offline permanently. As they say, all good things must come to an end. I personally expressed the gratitude of SWZ to Xal and Yar for providing that server bank for almost ten years totally free of charge to everyone who used it. And then it went down. With no advanced warning it all went down. I have not yet been able to recover all of the files but that should come sometime this week. In the last 36 hours there have been many discussions and many ideas tossed around between various zone sysops and representatives. Until this morning we were looking at sharing a hosted server with EG and paying for part of it ourselves. Just before we started the process PriitK arrived to save the day. He has the resources to move all of SSCX to his hosting cluster at The Planet in Dallas. This is where we are right now along with EG. My lag personally increased about 40ms but that may line out soon. We may have the option of moving back to a west coast based server but time will tell. So we're hosted and life is good. There are some quirky things going on I'm sure but we'll work out all the kinks. It's good to know that we're safe....for now. To access the zone, refresh your zone list. It will upate with a new IP.
  8. Interesting you should ask that.
  9. This just in: O Rly stopped being funny in 2002.
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