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  1. Current generation VW cars are plagued with window regulator problems, coilpack problems, MAF problems, and other annoying things, not to mention they're generally MORE expensive than their compitition.
  2. yea, it's hard TO notice the details IN the pictures. My webcam thing sucks a mean one. l33t paintbrush skills : Anyways, the garage that fixed it did a pretty bad job; still gaps IN those mouldings, that little fender under the light IS still pushed IN, AND there's still melted bumper on the muffler. Yay for butcher montreal bodyshops! :dance:
  3. shitty pics taken after getting pwned by a pothead in a honda, for the insurance company. You can see the bumper was pushed in a bit, making the exhaust stick out and look dorky. His car was toast. :bye:
  4. ahhhh, going for the sorcerer look I see.
  5. Daz

    Good buy?

    too bad that bus is a photoshop.
  6. Daz

    Good buy?

    Depending on what you call pimping.
  7. That's probably why we test our stuff ON 'em. And how are our genetics 2% different? Each gene is 2% different? Do we have genes they don't?
  8. since this topic is going down anyways... It's nice TO see the person who edited it had the ballsack TO put their own NAME there. :whistle:
  9. Daz

    One for everyone!

    lol. I was kidding, lighten up there a little. :bye:
  10. Daz

    One for everyone!

    judging by your avatar, signature, and thread, I think someone needs a date with a real life girl.
  11. The irony of the edited topic : "Im an idiot."
  12. Briefs are for 10 year old boys, and boxers are for fat stoners. Boxer-briefs is where it's AT. Hot gay pr0nz0r FOR s0m. :dance:
  13. Daz

    Going camping

    You came in here looking for pictures of hot guys?
  14. Daz


    Didn't you know? WHENEVER you play IN SWZ, you're also participating in a spelling bee. You must have a browser with http://www.dictionary.com open at all times, and alt-tab back and forth when you write. All capital letters is frowned upon, as is adding capital letters randomly, LiKe sO. And before I forget, you also need to rack up a certain amount of ?usage before people don't tell you TO shut up. It's a mystery why this isn't posted IN the news.txt.
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