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  1. So disregard his record and give it to everdream k Thx Levi
  2. Fine, When would you like this match? Sunday night? Levi
  3. hahhahahah We will see if they can flag or not if they accept But I think they will cowar away from the challenge. Levi
  4. Whine whine whine... is that all you people do? Uni isn't on staff, so he is ours. Until I see his name in that beautiful staff loungue he plays for us! Time is up for negiotation Levi
  5. The People of SWZ*, challenge the staff of SWZ to a flag game. Friday 10pm EST. Be scared. Wear your goofy orange hats. Because your going to need to cover yourselves in shame after the game. Levi *Unissuh is part of the "People of SWZ" whether he is human or not. Other exceptions may apply and will be accessed as needed.
  6. Jesster is easy.
  7. most old maps too big for populations Levi
  8. Please do not post on this thread unless it is about a trade! Thank you No Remorse! I would trade, but then I would have to tell you all my aliases and squadnames and I don't wanna do that
  9. FYI: Mackie's titties are soley Mackies. No one may touch or think about touching them without the complete written consent from Mackieman. $5 off coupon is only valid monday-thursday. Offer not valid in combination with other value deals. Levi
  10. I just wanted to clarify something... Vic is eZ. Also. 2good4u[azn]'s lag is better now. At least it was last night. I think his 4 gigabyte porn video collection finally finished. So if anyone else was getting ploss, try again : ) Levi
  11. Is it ploss? I know 2good was getting high ploss..... Someone should post a tutorial on how to analyze the hops to the server, to see where everyone is having trouble getting to the server Levi
  12. kick adf from staff for working outside SWZ. Levi Better yet... BAN Levi
  13. Shouldn't be able to buy bricks. Mini ship (lancaster) should be changed so it does not have bricks. It honestly is annoying how you can continuously have a brick at your home front.... or continuously brick the nme cap out of your base. Give lancaster another repel or something : ) 2 repels would be useful on the lancaster Lancaster is also good for turreting.... when you attach onto a ship with 2 tiles, the lanc does not get hit by bullets bc it is too small! However watch out for those bombs! Levi
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