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  1. I knew it was vals shit I know so many blue vests they all have fucked up stories of that place They are all either fired or quit or gone insane now, watch out oh yeah if not the above, then they are fat rednecks living in trailers, but no matter
  2. Gold Leader


    that song is too good gets into your brain and makes a nest
  3. you newbs arc and som, chickenman ownz you
  4. still not facts =p facts are, none of us knows jack
  5. naw I dont want him to look stupid, just didnt want to start another argument over something, dont have time for that anymore, gave up on trying to change how people think its too time consuming and pointless
  6. Im dating 5 girls at once its pretty cool they are like putty in my hands muahah of course i use magic to seduce them
  7. I didnt want to start an argument with sanka so I didnt say anything, as its not important I believe in some parts of String theory, some parts of Vortex theory, some parts of relativity... Until the facts all come together (unified theory?) no one will know all the answers, and we can only speculate , and its no use starting fights over someones assumptions of reality Its kind of like everyone saying the earth is flat before who was it galileo, as a matter of FACT, and beating the crap out of the idiots who say its round with the church witchhunt, right? But when you stop and think about all this, nothing is a fact and nothing is really proven. Our level of understaning of physics of gravity and time is comparable to the level of understaning of the solar system and the flat earth back in the day. Were on the edge of a new understanding and its going to fuck up alot of people and their assumptions. We have some understanding of gravity but do not understand it in any matter of FACT... We have some understanding of time but its FACTUAL nature is beyond our grasp, although many of us like to assume we know it all. All we have is theory and hypothesis and conjecture and wonder , all too often this adds up to assumptions... So I'll let sanka think what he likes I think one day when we understand the whole of gravity, and not just the small slice we are aware of, we will be able to use it as a tool - sidestepping it whenever we like, and using it to our advantage at will, with the right equipment...
  8. Its not really arcadian thats mase trying to collect names again jk
  9. i think I got high numbers like that
  10. maybe true , who is the most underrated ?
  11. dude red rover rules make it happen cool guys
  12. the original cabbit was funny this new version like version 12 or something is lame
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