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  1. Hmm, I've never played UO, I'ma gonna give this a go.
  2. Hiya GL, what's the lag LIKE ON that thing? *edit, what the hell IS wrong WITH my spelling*
  3. Please tell me that the /~locke/ address is not FF3 related.
  4. Does trying to argue without any facts make sense? Why dosent nueting make sense? Why this, why that.. Anyoe can speak a load of crap.. not many can back it up. Show me your skillz!
  5. Do I believe in God? Yes. End of story. Flame away for all I care. No reasoning will change my mind and I only posted to offer some little indirect support to those who also share this belief/knowledge. Although now I've said that, its kinda NO longer indirect. Meh.
  6. Considering you typed that on a computer.. I find it amusing that you actually think that. I mean, woa! Monkeys! They use sticks and things to break open ant hills! OMG! MONKEYS! I want a banana...
  7. Heh, that kitten that misses the table is awesome. Anti-climax of the century.. well, the video at any rate. Reminds me of so may terriers that over shoot in center.. ugh wait.. my "doctor" told me not to relate ss to everyday happening. *puts 20cents in the jar*
  8. Woa, taking something a mod said sarcastically and posting on the boards hopeing to get public approval /and or/ support.. Really, that's oringinal.. GG newb. *pokes Jad* you lag TO much FOR SWZ? Damn.. that's just not cool. Not cool at all.
  9. <shamless squad promoting/bashing> Eww.. JF, Emi forum > JF forum. We have sexy bovines. :dance: </shamless squad promoting/bashing>
  10. Nameckian

    I think

    Wasnt the post subject of that poll an oxymoron?
  11. You guys are bastards. The guy passed all his exams and wanted to cheer to whoever he could if you dont care, dont post. Anyhow, gratz SpeakerFreak.
  12. Woa, smart kid. I didnt know babies could count to 3.
  13. Um, thats great. Really, I'm happy FOR you.. But I really have TO ask the relevance.
  14. What the hell? Why am I using the forums. I never use this thing. Waste of time.. By the way, Sexi, nice avatar! You a RO'r TO? I am now sufficiantly dumber FOR USING this board. Oh, NAME's back! -Name I dont have a sig, so burn in hell
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