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  1. thats so hard.. it took me like 45 mins lol, good game though
  2. 1250.81 1206.91 1393.61 TOTAL:3851.33
  3. swz is ded.... only people are online when they are pracing or theres a league match. i dont think project x will help, but its wirth a try!
  4. I would refer Uk to the rules... Captains and at the EXTENT co-captains may schedule. If you would like the ability to schedule, you may ask your CAPTAIN, Paws to add you as such to the roster, until then, he does the scheduling. And glass klown is not even an assistant captain so his word is nothing when it comes to scheduling in the league. I do not wish to be a pain, but we cannot take what every member believes is right as a fact. RickeyBoy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rickey, glassklown is the swzl captain for uk, i just dont want to add him on the roster..
  5. Ya, I got a MD player, i use it everyday. its ez to get music onto and holds like 80 songs on 1 mini disc, (or even more) if u want just music, get a MD player cuz its alot cheeper
  6. K that works good, howbout Saturday 6PM EST??
  7. Paws


    cauterize- choke
  8. uhm.. your about 2 years late on that post...
  9. alright alright lol Saturday at 6 PM EST it is!!!
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