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  1. Um, all gforce really means is taking players from other zones. It's like taking market share - it's a way to grow in a static or shrinking environment, or, in a growing environment, growing faster than overall growth. It's doable, just hard.
  2. garath

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    Okay, so solutions: On problem 1: I think our best bet for bringing people into the zone is SWZL. It brings back a lot of old people who know SWZ and like SWZ, and it gives them a reason to spend time in the zone. Seasons past have had varying levels of success in bringing other squads into SWZL but regardless any new blood at this point is pretty decent. While I doubt we'll have a high conversion ratio on squads from other zones even a handful of people is a vast improvement. At the very least, it'll get some subset of the SS community talking about what's going on in SWZ. I also think we need a comprehensive and defined calendar of events. Throw up a series of 10 million point games, staff v player, squad v squad, tourney, anything that people enjoy playing. And throw it up consistently. So people know that every other week at 3 pm est on Saturday (for example) is a 10 mil point game. Every sunday at 6 pm est there will be a series of either rabbit, zombie, old elim, whatever. Every 3rd week there is a mini tourney run on monday and tuesday. Whatever the hell it is, set it up and keep it going. On problem 2: What are the ideal settings? I am not a settings dude. I like the g2 map settings from 4-5 years ago (or whatever it was). But i'm flexible. The one thing I think about settings is we NEED TO KEEP THEM CONSISTENT. Changing the settings (unless it's very very minor incremental tweaks) frequently makes it hard for people (even old dudes like me) to know whats going on. I am running out of steam and actually am being asked to do some work. But hopefully this is somewhat helpful. At the very least, if people agree with the framing of the conversation, we're a bit further than before.
  3. garath

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    Lots of interesting stuff being discussed. I think there are some high-level issues that need to be discussed/agreed to before we start worrying about more granular details. In a nutshell the problem with SWZ as I see it breaks down into 2 sub-problems. 1) How to get we people in the zone? There is some issue around how do we get people who do not play swz, who have never played swz, or who have stopped playing swz to come back and give the zone a shot. 2) How to we keep said people in the zone? After we get them here, how to we keep them? How to we prevent them from saying fuck this blows and leaving (as I did 5-6x times this past weekend) I think the solutions around 1 are more marketing/event driven. How do we build awareness of swz and how do we attract people. And it's a tough nut to crack. I have some ideas but I'll hold off for now. I think the solutions around 2 are more settings/zone policies/zone staff driven. What are the ideal settings to keep people around? What is the right set of policies to make swz fun and friendly? What is the right staffing level, roles and responsibilities, and involvement for staff? I also think there is some disconnect on what we want SWZ to BE, what swz IS, and what we think it has to be to rebuild itself. And all these competing viewpoints need to be blended into a vision that people are, at the least, comfortable with, and at the most, happy with. I'll write my thoughts on solutions in a following post to keep this stuff bite-sized I hope everyone can agree on the PROBLEMS and QUESTIONS that need to be addressed so everyone can talk about addressing the same stuff. -garath
  4. what's the issue with pushing it back a week? I think from a league perspective pushing it back a week if this particular weekend is bad for both squads it would rather have semi's decided on skill vs. who can show on a bad scheduling weekend. NOTE: I do not have any authority to schedule for JF so do not take this as a request to push it back a week. Rather, just curious from reading this thread. If since the last post it's been scheduled ignore this one here
  5. garath


    Well it seem as if there is at least some desire for one, I don't know if it comes from people on those squads, but if those squads commit to it AND there is a ref willing to do it may as well go ahead and do it. It doesn't affect anyone else and hopefully it results in them getting better/more involved in swzl.
  6. garath


    If there are refs willing to host it I don't see any reason not to have it...it doesn't really affect anyone else. Don't give them a prize but if they want more "official" matches let them have it...provided there is a ref willing to help them out.
  7. Ummm that graph shows an average of 20. There are what like 10-12 bots in swz? Take those out and your ave is 8-10. Take out the bumps from swzl and the people always in spec (like me) and it probably will drop to something around 6.
  8. I've heard FROM a lot OF different sources that ipod's have battery life problems. Like you can't change the battery yourself AND they ONLY LAST FOR ~YEAR WITH medium USAGE, so after a YEAR OR so you need TO GET a new one. that's just what i've heard, NOT sure if it's true or not, but i've heard it enough AND NOT really seen ANY rebuttal so i'm not gambling the cash.
  9. I dont see the big deal. Just re-roster all the mods with new nicks and wave the 7 day requirement for them. garath
  10. garath


    if you are bored check out a game called gunbound. It's LIKE scorched earth. www.gunbound.net
  11. garath


    Assuming you think something is wrong (I happen to, but that doesn't matter FOR this) It's no use bitching about the players. The zone/staff can't control the players. So either you can keep ON complaining about something you can't control or adjust what you can control to fix whatever is wrong. If you don't think anything IS wrong, than it's all good garath
  12. I believe she can now be found in EG.
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