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  1. Is it possible that the death of the forums coincides with the loss of DCR and Co.?
  2. I just get her to close her eyes and pucker her lips, then I unzip my pants and next thing you know she has my dick in her mouth.
  3. Oh, watch out, Raynor has never seen me online so that means I'm NOT there! This IS offtopic AND now that its IN trash talk i have NO interest LEFT...
  4. hey tit-for-tat, we invent ways to cheat the system, they invent ways to stop us, we invent new ways to cheat the system....etc etc etc...
  5. ya I guess wald0...kinda irritating sometimes.
  6. GForce who the Fuck are you? What is the relevance to the point? Is it that you and Raynor want to point out that you have been around SWZ longer than I, condescendingly, in an attempt to prove what? Hey, you'll catch MORE bees WITH honey. Treat me WITH respect OR expect these kind OF responses.
  7. Why is it that this zone can't seem TO handle consecutive flag games anymore? Its typically: fill up flag game the win spec / esc+q SOME centering fill up flag game the win spec / esc+q SOME centering etc etc etc wtf?!
  8. 30 minutes is simply ridiculous. I think 10 minutes is borderline too much...I would opt for 5 minutes.
  9. no, gforce, i just know who is looking out for me...and this country and its government ARE NOT looking out for me. so fuck you very much ill keep to myself and take care of my own...
  10. ok id be willing to accept 10 minutes, but 30 is motherfucking ridiculous...we had two saber light punks in safe the other day during and 8v8 game that was great until the nme got all and we have to go in 6v8
  11. Ahman Green says "Where did the ball go?" Donovan McNabb says "Cha-ching!" Green Bay owned.
  12. hey Spirit I dont wanna be in Iraq and I dont want you to have to be in Iraq. if these faggots took care of this shit back in 91 we wouldnt be in the situation we are now... ALSO: If this country wants a shitty government that does shit for its own self-interest and not the interest of the world or its own people then fuck the country. it can suck on my fat hairy balls, greedy mother fuckers. once this bullshit twoparty system ends and these people start acting like Americans rather than democrats or republicans or whatever the fuck they think they are, i might give a damn again. until then, fuck America. i got my family and several jobs to work to maintain my standard of living. i dont got time to give a fuck about anything else... and another thing, the motherfucking day this nations military actually defends us and gets it ass on the motherfucking border to stop illegal immigration and prevent illegal drugs from coming into this country and really do its motherfucking job and protects its citizens instead of jacking Iraq for oil and to protect Israel and protecting SKorea and Germany, and Japan...and every other motherfucking person on earth besides us, then Ill give a goddamn. not a minute fucking sooner. But other than that dude i really want you to be okay and to come home safe, fuck all the politics i do want you to be okay.
  13. Im sick of faggots sitting in safe zone for hours on end taking up freq space making teams uneven and ruining flag games especially those Saber Light fags like Kyrpto and Howie...always sitting in safe zone for hours... cant we just make the safe timer 5 mins? i mean if you need more than that, these people should fucking spec so they dont take up spots on freqs. goddamn faggots
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