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  1. hit you up on your work addy. (crocop is a bitch)
  2. haha yea I stumbled onto it right before they shut it up again, so i scored NYE pride and Hardcore KO's vol 2, but got tarded ratio. K i'll email you bandit.
  3. SP bro get this... In Australia, there are 2 dominant women's magazines. The Women's Day, which comes out every week. Also the Women's Weekly, which happens to come out monthly. and they wonder why i can't understand them
  4. Salutations my friends, Yesterday for the first time in ages I thought, hrmmm I'ma check out SWZ. There was a 30 player game going on with caps, I was like..... WTF? Anyways it was sweet. however since FUCKING TELSTRA is a bitch an capped my ass I couldn't stay for the mad battles. SWZ will always have that fun available, but is highly dependent on a stable pop. PS. YO D! WTF you been son!!? We have trees to blaze my friend......
  5. rix, I wasn't tryn to be comical. Just tryn to show everyone how STACKED the O's really are!
  6. cool, I always like to get my name on more maps......
  7. nah ray, i found a pic of orion, guess who rix is!
  8. Misoza


    i thought ghosts were like mannequins.... not anatomicaly correct.... this has me spun out oh yea, WHATS UP CHICKEN! still ballin I assume? I hope so.
  9. rix... the whole point of dodj's post is showing that being on a top squad and having an elitist attitude about the lack of competition is completly retarded, aka TCM. He was just being a snooty bitch for the sake of it, and hating on P@ for trying to incorporate another element to swzl that wouldnt cater solely to the best squads. Then raynor jumped on his ass with the snooty vibe, and thats what started shit off. Oh, btw, don't you like being the squad that everyone guns for? If we meet in the playoffs I'm going to try my hardest to take you guys the fuck out, go, aurora borealis if you will. Thats not a sign of hate but respect.
  10. man.... can't believe i missed out on that photo op.... that sucks, i wanted to represent! man rix, i never knew you had glasses!
  11. Misoza


    lets just clear everything up and say that I won. capiche?
  12. in general, its easier to get into idiot's panties.... or so i've heard.
  13. hahahahha all of you are fucking haters...... well not all of you, just the haters.
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