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  1. or what? please don't ban me from swz!
  2. i don't have your phone number or anything send me an email at my work email or gmail ill check both. yeah we moving closer to city still northsie probably, but onjce i get settled i'll be round to see everyone for sure!! the tracker is back up on the old address, the new address got pwned. my ratio is like 1.8 lidell couture, zambidis buakaw, no weight limit pride, rampage back, Hunt up in the mix!!! glad arona gow clowned out, did you see him celebrating at the end hahahahha then he loses, played himself twice as much trying to claim victory. crocop is looking a bit over the hill hey, had his running shoes on for that fight lol
  3. misozaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa send me an email you clowner, i should be moving closer to the city in the next month or so oh yeah you registered on the new tracker??? if not i can invite you coz im the MADDDDD uploader. lots of candy coming up
  4. Dodj

    SWZ 2006

    HAHAHAHAH fox-1 that more closely resembles my top 3 hated ss players of al time blackale makemy day and understaker
  5. HAHAHAhahhAHAHAHHAAHahaHAHAHAHAHAHAH swz forums now provide more entertainment that coming into the zone.
  6. Dodj

    SWZ down?

    ok lets just leave swz unplugged. its over lets face it.
  7. Dodj

    SWZ down?

  8. Dodj

    SWZ down?

    more mackie bashing and finger pointing please not that i know or care if anyone is doing their job , its just funny
  9. Dodj

    SWZ down?

    rivalry is also missing, there are no characters left. no matter how idiotic some of them are myself included, it was part of the fun of the game, IE not taking it seriously. friendships MEH, its the fun of killing someone you don't like that kept me playing. the satisfaction of hunting them down or beating them and knowing that they are smashing their keyboard in frustration. i remember when mis and I had a new arch nemesis every couple months. it was great fun. slowly but sureley everyone has left now everyone left are boring.
  10. cant say i have noticed any changes personally
  11. PArt of flagging is being aware of the game, and the opposition. if you see a player use a rep you know he doesn't have one, being able to buy another while in base is lame. just an example. the reason i said prox and super is cause i remmeber that's all you used to be able to as far as i am aware, probably wrong. and the only real annoying thing i can remember is having to try green anti or sc for it, which either greening could take 50 greens or sc 5 times and not get it. ALL the rest you do not need to buy and are lame, if you really want full energy STAY alive long enought while defending or attacking to reach it. i am not sure how the cap ships setting are as far as max energy levels, but one of the best parts of capping was staying alive long enough to reach full energy. buying everything on the fly takes alot out of the game. IMO. Take anti out of center, population is too small. with large population the lame tactic of antiing centre may have some strategic advantage as you stop a handfull of players quickly rejoining the battle, with low population you can wipe out the whole attack/defence. FLag upgrades are cool, that enourages flagging more than any buying will. undecided on mini ship and warbird terr bombs....i don't mind them i guess..
  12. just make buy prox, super, antiwarp. make buy only in safe. everything else is gay. green it you can flag without bounce, stay alive and pick up a green, its not that hard. either that or suicide taking a couple with you before dieing. wtf is with this buying everything. why dont u make every green multiprize lev lol, do it you can't resist!!!
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