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  1. All Lancaster tourney in main = Fun. Top left box of teh staff should be turned into some sort of base... (Names could be included in walls, perhaps?) No ship rules, it's much better than before. Ship settings are fine, leave 'em. Bases seem too small for larger flagging games (7v7+), but that doesn't happen enough to take too much concern into changing the map. Keep the momentum after large games with some sort of event within 2-5 minutes of completion in an effort to keep players in instead of joining the Spec pool. ~Mas
  2. *doesn't read post* YES, SWZ = FUN
  3. SWZ's population has always been on a downhill slope, even when I first started in like ... Early 2003. I have no idea what would impact the population to where many would start playing more often, but I do play in SWZ a lot, or atleast am in there active enough to respond in a reasonable fashion. It is disappointing that now we're basically down to almost single digits all of the time and I believe something is needed to revert this trend and revitalize SWZ to (hopefully) what it once used to be! In saying this, I believe that: Mas for Mod -> Smod! Would be a good decision.
  4. lv3 bullet and emp Spider = instant win!
  5. Voted, now in 35th place...
  6. Personally, I like having the lag limits so low. Something like 300ms average is preposterous this day and age!
  7. What about one that has: .75x normal ship in size Upgradeable Lv2 bullets (Start Lv1, Single gun, Slow thrust, Fast firing) Upgradeable Lv1 bombs (Start Lv0, No emp, No bounce, 4 shrap, Slow thrust, Fast firing) Rotates slightly faster than Spider (shouldn't turn too great) Slower than Terr (Rockets should help) Recharge rate between Jav and Terr (Moderate recharge) 1000 nrg start -> 2000 nrg max (100 nrg/ + energy green -> 10 needed for full energy) Refire rate after use of items should be almost as bad as Weasel, a little faster 0 Thor Hammer (0 Start) 0 Bricks (0 Start) 1 Decoy (0 Start) 3 Rockets (1 start) 1 Portals (0 Start) 2 Repels (0 Start) 2 Burst (0 Start) Available Cloak Available X-Radar Available Antiwarp No Stealth 1 Turret Capacity That should cover everything...
  8. QUOTE (Raynor @ Mar 14 2005, 07:49 AM) Lower respawn is cool, adds speed to the game. Fuck lagattaches its part of an online game ^^^^^
  9. The 2048 image is 1280x1024....Which is what I use. Congratulations on getting a bigger resolution?
  10. lol, I'm no dueler, why am I on there..
  11. Kill the squad named Masaru please. Was a mistake and I don't know how to get rid of it.
  12. Masaru05

    Pub freqs

    No to pubs, Privs are doing fine. What about upgradeable bullets and bombs? I've always wanted to see how this went in SWZ... All starting with basic lv1 bullets (and lv1 bombs for bombers), except for weasel and spider, they get lv1 bullets and green up their own bombs, since they're emps... Just a concept, seems to add more use to those almost useless upgrade bomb and bullet greens we get every other green...
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