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  1. Sup boss. Long time no see. Good to see some real vets come back. Next I want to see Silent Killer come back, doubt anyone even remembers him though. Or V-Chump ~NR
  2. I normally don't post unless I have something significant to say in response to the topic, but... That clip of buddy shoulder checking the broad in the face is priceless. Keep up the good work. ~NR
  3. adf, if i didnt know any better, id say you smoked an ounce a week... but you say you dont
  4. Vic, yeah, I really don't care *personally*. However, I'm sure Huntress put in many hours to get that record. I believe you should keep an old high score category and a new high score category for after the JP system was screwed with. P.S - Who is Full Charge? I'm pretty sure I've seen that name sign their posts with such names as Princepin, Aemon, Howie Feltersnatch. I mean wtf is that? ~NR
  5. Snowmobile? I guess you guys have quite the cold climate over there in Sweden. We only had 2 weeks out of the whole winter that was suitable for snowmobiling. ~NR
  6. I actually believed I was going to see some titties... You deceived us all. ~NR
  7. The better thing to do would be a vet vs vet wannabe flag game. No use though, because we all know who would win. ~eN aR
  8. No_Remorse


    OK SON. You have learned the ancient art of swz newbism, use it wisely. I probably called you many names, but, that's just what I do. (thx for the shout out hahhahhahh) ~NR
  9. BTW, it isn't me making the new map. ~NR
  10. Jaana, don't worry... I have a feeling that a new map is on the way, and a very perty one too. Give it a few weeks, it is very tedious to design and tile a new map. ~NR
  11. Way to make a serious topic into a fictional BBQ. I agree with some of what Jaana has to say, use what you have. The only problem with using some of the bigger maps is that they aren't suitable for our current player base. Or better yet, let me make SWZ a new map. ~NR
  12. Most people in this game hoard names like there's no tomorrow. By the way, you should scrap your shitty blazer, get a new Danali or something. ~NR
  13. Do me a favor, dont post at all unless it's a trade offer. This doesn't go for anyone specifically, it goes for all you noobs. ~NR
  14. No dice. Trades, not suggestions, please. ~NR
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