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  1. Yeah My continuum wont open for some reason.. I tried to uninstall it and reinstall it and it wont open.. it acts like it is trying to open but In the task manager its going all crazy.. I think it is very tragic but I must say this. Press is coming in.. UGH! No more Fluff..........
  2. I will always be with SWZ it was my 1st love, haha... As far as the zone being dead, you guys are soo wrong I was playing with 5 ppl in swz just a few secs ago. I mean what else could you ask for? =p Naw but to be real about it SWZ is alot better than any other zone. People are what keep me coming back. Just hope they dont leave and leave me all by my lonesome.. Much Love, Cleric
  3. I was intrested in becoming a Event Ref. pearl_jam_eric@hotmail.com
  4. Cleric

    Nice Site

    Glad you guys got the website back up.. Its rawks! Mercury Rev - Drop in time
  5. I have to admit. I didnt like the settings when I first saw them, but I think they might work.. Keep up the good work.
  6. I dont know what that is either... So I doubt I'll go.
  7. Hello Everyone. Its been along time since I last played SWZ ( Continuum for that matter ) Just wanted to say whats up. Ive been playing Achaea IM HOOKED ON THAT MUD! Hope to see you all soon. Lates, Cleric
  8. Cleric

    New Map!

    The new map looks really good. I havent really had a chance to play it but good job. The tileset is good and i love the names of tha bases.
  9. Cleric

    New Map!

    Can we please change the map.. The bases are not very balanced with the few people we have playing. They all have 2 entrances except for the ladies. Ill make some bases to help if its needed. Just please change it.
  10. lol, i was there. please take his advise.
  11. Cleric

    Do Something!

    I applied a long time ago.. and I said i would do things to help.. But all they wanted somone for was to build maps (and I cant) .. I would help, I have played this zone along time and it sucks to see it so dead.. Im not bitching at the staff or anything, im sure they do have personal matters to tend too (like we all dont). What im saying is I think we need more staff. Ill go and apply..
  12. Cleric

    Do Something!

    Novel I totally agree.. I dont understand why the staff is so lazy. The zone wont get any better without a staff that cares about the zone.. Hire new staff members or somthing.
  13. Cleric

    Zone Pop.

    Man Where is everyone? Is the zone dead? That would really suck. I would have to go to EG or something someone tell me wtf is going on! I g2g to lunch at school..
  14. Ship changing for anti is illegeal or so I was almost banned for ( i think that was the excuse they used ). Why dont the ships with anti come with anti?
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