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  1. QUOTE FUCKING IDOTO I dont even know who you are and i know your one of those half assed punk players that bitch and whine about how ther really good at the game and there only losing right now cuz of lag fucking slut
  2. Adept Player


    ?squadowner legends oh wait hes copying the old vie squad? shit he MUST be cool
  3. i just LOVE people who go and bash popular music just to show that they ahve more "refined" taste and how there an innatly better person who understand music ina way that the rest of us heathens never could go listen to your crapy ass NOFX MXPX and rage against your own personal maching val fucking idiot
  4. QUOTE Yea, dbob makes me horny Id hit it* *with a baseball bat** ** untill it was dead
  5. Adept Player


    even my residuall kickass has more mojo than he does
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ then why the fuck did you delete it like 6 times from the redstar forums wtf
  7. Adept Player


    ummm i havent played in how many years? onics still cant beat me whats that tell ya
  8. as if either of you could hold a candle to me punks
  9. note: i was just relaying that as an object of humor
  10. i have a season pass to sierra@tahoe but i do goto heavanly soemtimes and northstar(have a season pass to northstar too) i try and go up every sunday and ill be going up on thrursdays as well i think
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