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  1. it seems that you do since you reply
  2. I dont see my wish happening any time soon either
  3. svs settings suck, try dsb its good (or any other active zone since swz died)
  4. heard you joined lunys squad hahaha
  5. QUOTE (Cleric @ Oct 17 2005, 05:50 AM) I was playing with 5 ppl in swz hahahaha, I was playing with 40 ppl earlier in DSB, noticed that over 250 ppl where playing in EG earlier. Yesterday during a match 210 ppl played in DSB. You go play with your 5 people, I dont like to duel I rather play flaggames.
  6. QUOTE (Mackieman a while ago) I am the sysop and everything is ultimately my responsibility. Was reading old topics and this amused me Nothing changed lol, oh yeah one or two new mods are hired and they tell me they are modding a dead zone haha, go figure....
  7. Been enjoying some great dsb games where more then 2 people are playing (TRY IT OUT, ITS GOOD) and working/studying. Visiting this place every now and then to laugh at some posts and wondering what mackie is doing since hes not online changing things in swz. I actually recall him saying "I'll be online more from this moment on" in his reply to rix post. Watching the population of his zone I take it that he didnt even try, hes just sitting on his powers afraid he has to share them with ppl he thinks are less then he is. Jad: swz is dead, my squad is playing other zones and we're even concidering of recruiting players there. You should do the same, SWZ wont change back to what it once was, because that will need a new sysop and mackie enjoys having powers he cant use too damn much (swzl (dead), swz (dead), sshq (inactive)). Give up on this dead place like most people did, it wont do you any good staying.
  8. we dont blame the game we blame the staff, well only mackie to be exactly maybe also sanka
  9. Raynor

    Nice Site

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha you actually think youre gonna do that? Not wait till others come to you begging if they can do it for you mackie? rofl
  10. Quickshot you just totally missed the point. For the last 3 resets the people who reply and post here have been at the top of SWZ highscorers. I've made it to the top3 almost 3 or 4 times on row. So dont give me your bullshit about stop bitching and start playing. You cant play in a zone where the staff with its idiot sysop is too ignorant to lead it on a decent way. For the last 5 or 6 weeks Mackie had over 10 times where he could do something in this zone to try and make a difference. Because of PL and Sanka one failed attempt was tried to make it work, but when sanka, mackies so called head of the staff acts like "WTF A 10 MIL GAME, NOBODY TOLD ME ABOUT THAT", then something is wrong in this zone. I'm tired of trying to make a difference, I even tried it on the Mackie way but you always end up being ignored without a decent reason. Even at times when he does talk and gets cornered because he has no clue how to run his zone, he uses his silly excuse "I have a meeting". Laugh you make me sick Mackie, ruined the game for me I thank you for that. Mackie, face it. The only way you got all these powers is because at one point you just happent to be at the right place at the right time. Subspace has no need for an inactive billingop or the webmaster of a very dead website, one that hardly gets updated and even loses his real name for lack of payment or some other silly reason no decent webdeveloper would ever get. I can go on about your silly subspacehq attempt, how you've failed to promote it over the years but I wont because I know that you'll ignore it. I'll get to my point; save SWZ and leave it, let someone ACTIVE and CARING lead it. Someone who plays every now and then and has a clue what is going on in his zone instead of listening to ignorant @#$%%'s like PL and sanka when it comes down to staff matters and zone development. 2 people online in main at this time, the bot and myself, LEARN TO GET A CLUE MACKIE! I'm tired of this zone and the only reason is the lack of decent staff leadership. I'm gone.
  11. About the new ship, I didnt make the map for a 1tile ship. I thought the 1tile event ship was made for events only not for 24/7 usage. I heard that about a week ago when the map was online already.
  12. lose a few points lol, it costs nothing as long as that multiplyer is here. Maybe fix that and then wait and see what happens.
  13. Star's Sha> why everyone quit? I explained him that my team quit playing because he bought (a guess) close to 15 supers in 3 attacks in a 4vs4 flaggame that was just coming to life. Star's Sha> i don't really need the points Star's Sha> but once i accquire them Star's Sha> i will use them to buy supers Star's Sha> cause i have no need for bombs I dont blame this person buying supers, I'd do it if I wanted to win each tiny or large game I played, but atm I care more about having a big long flaggame where winning takes much effort than simply getting points because winning in an early state with the current settings is so easy. I'm not sure if anyone changed anything to the settings concerning the jp's lately, but its damn sure that it takes 5 minutes to create a 2 mil jackpot. Or get online during Euro daytime and win the game, jackpot can be over 20mil even when nobody is playing. This could be because someone changed the settings points wise or the respawn of the greens so they wouldnt spawn inside the bases. I believe that SWZ went downhill the minute the JP system was changed to show better stats in the overall zones stats. Zones like EG had much bigger jackpots and because of that in the stats that only sysops read SWZ was staying behind. My point is simple, I hate super because it has nothing to do with skill. First of it should be taken out the greens. I thought it was taken out the greens but someone mentioned in pub chat that he greened it and was cheering but Im not sure. We can either keep supers in ?buy and fix the jackpot system or we keep the extreme jackpots (that will be common in a month so nobody will care again to get many points) and remove super from the ?buy list. Right now it takes 5 minutes of playing when the zone is dead (and SWZ is dead alot the last couple of weeks) to buy 3 or 4 supers. I won't even mention the prox because it seems that many players think its needed to make flying a bomber even more easy, but please fix the super/jackpot problem. Thanks
  14. Event didnt happen, we did have a 10mil game thnx to sanka. Next week again but this time WITH change of settings/map?
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