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  1. Anyone want to jump on for a flag game 6-09-2012 at 12pm est?
  2. Why did you join if you don't even play the game?
  3. Do you play Subspace? Did you ever play Starwarzone?
  4. Cap ships are now back since the bot can regulate it again. So the settings for the shark are now reverted. Now I'm not sure what to do with ship 7. Sometime back the settings were changed to what it is now. I think it's pretty much useless. Any ideas?
  5. Nothing much, actually just stopped by for my monthly checkup on the site/zone/facebook. Unfortunately still nothing new.
  6. Hah, no one had posted in so long. I haven't checked on them in quite some time. Going to do some cleanup now.
  7. The following are now up and running: 1. Public Bot 2. Prac Bot 3. Duel Bot If you want access to run the prac bot let me know here and I can get that added. Also let me know if any issues with them, haven't had a lot of testing.
  8. New skin, I think all the bugs are worked out, if you have any issues post them here please and I'll take a look.
  9. Thought it was MasterCard?
  10. I would play, but only thing is it's on a Friday. Why Friday? Should be out partying on Friday not at home on the comp.
  11. We are talking about real sports full charge... haha j/k
  12. Gallitin

    SWZ down?

    Damn still down...what's the prob?
  14. I agree with the flag upgrades.
  15. that counter deal must be messed up b/c it keeps saying i got 17
  16. Gallitin


    Not sure if this is where this should be posted? Guess i'm a little behind after being gone FROM SS FOR a while, but i READ the thread about SWZ history that Gold_Leader wrote, it was incredible by the way. I Started TO think SOME AND had a few suggestions FOR the ZONE. Will it ever GO back TO nueting flags, AND priv freq? That would eaisly by itself boost the popularity OF SWZ. There ARE NOT AS many good flagging games anymore. It would greatly increase the competitiveness OF the squads, possibly creating new ones. One LAST thing would be TO GET the staff TO GET MORE involved IN the ZONE. BOTS SUCK, I mean i know they ARE there FOR a reason, but why NOT have a staff AS though there were NO bots. Increase the NUMBER OF mods AND such TO have MORE elims OR whatever. NOT meaning TO offend ANY OF the staff, these ARE just suggestions, let me know what you guys think. -Gallitin
  17. not sure if anyone checks this thread anymore...but yeah haven't heard anything about Starship Wars T1 IN a long TIME. I saw the LAST post about anything was around the END OF 2003 didn't know if the final revision were made and ready to be put up on the website yet? Great Job GL!
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