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  1. DCR

    DSB > SWZ

    oh, and if DSB is going to send its homo players over here, they should send some of the homo ops also. they'll fit in very well. QUOTE Yeah mackie hammered me with 30 days ban for that shit.. man 30 days for racism is like 1 week for being in illegal ship. 30 days isn't that bad. cockster banned me for a few months for calling him a jew. i'm still banned from the eg forums and site for making fun of the holocaust while insulting that camel sodomizer ISR.
  2. DCR

    DSB > SWZ

    you were shat upon by SPINDLE...hahahahahaha. lamers. dcr > swz > spindle > dsb > danger > cockster mila gg sons. make me a sandwich, bitchfags.
  3. DCR


    Krieg - Destruction Ritual
  4. DCR


    Veles - Glory for Heroes
  5. DCR

    Swz Force

    Is RS that zone with the 1 hit kill lev bombs? EZ $$. Removing the ship rules was a huge step in making SWZ less geigh. Permanent privs would be even better.
  6. DCR


    Wumpscut - Ewig
  7. QUOTE (DCR @ Jul 11 2004, 12:21 AM) How is "porn" defined? Connoisseurs of the female form want to know.
  8. QUOTE (a wank stain) ... Dear darkest days, You are a poof. Meet me in the park at 11:30PM. - Faggy b. Olympic champion at pulling pud FAGGOT.
  9. QUOTE (a wank stain) I enjoy hard anal fisting, But only when my buttplug's missing, Else, it's leather and facial pissing, For a pint of cum in my mouth, I'm truly wishing. FAG.
  10. I was banned from every other zone.
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