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  1. GoT SwZL? Leviticus> YsOeZ? Justinian> Because I was afk and that's the only time you can actually touch me. Leviticus> YsOSeCky? Justinian> Because I was afk and that's the only time you can actually touch me. Poserwannabe> I'm used to having BALLS flying toward my face, I l33t NinJa DoDge!
  2. well I'm happy, i still have a dueling zone i can come back to =P and host crazy prac and other crazy events BWHAHAHA HWEEEEE
  3. O wow, so much love floating around swz right now. Even though I haven't accomplish anything in the past, or done anything dramatic to have a voice on these forums. But I do have something so say. Modding for swz isn't so bad and yes the population of course after swzl was coming to a close has been one of the worst I've seen in swz history. I really don't blame anyone for that fact that swz has such a low population. I blame it on all the new rpg games and hot consoles coming out lately. Soon the PS3 will own us all, REMEMBER SONY HAS YOUR SOUL!!!!!!!!!! NOT MICROSOFT OKAY?! DOWN WITH XBOX-360! UP WITH PLAYSTATIONYOURMOMANDGIRLFRIENDOUT 3. But on a serious term. What makes swz itself so unique is our shipsets and setup. Seriously, everyone our learning curve isn't newbie friendly. Everyone knows that we do not kill anyone with one hit O.o and that turns the noobies off for some reason. I say make swzl next week! and that should bring alot of attention back into swz!! SWZL > SWZ WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, o well that's my Rice for the year. No more posting for me. - Justinian S.
  4. Whoa, who are all these people posting and stuff, syx? haha when was the last time i saw you in swz? play more. kekekek, just dropping a line in this cool convo about the zone. - Justinian S.
  5. lol? we didn't reply? we have til the 2nd bwhahhaa, we'll do it sunday at 5pm est bitches bwahahaha PEACE 5PM SUNDAY!!!
  6. I wonder if i should cry or laugh, but yeah, hopefully there'll be another swzl or something, as for SWZT, Shrugs lol. I'm still around and about, off and on in swz. Yes, it's very sad that Poserwannabe-he-she is leaving SS forever, But I do see him around in 17th Parallel, cuz he =3 Epion. - NoT - Justi " A Life without Pr0n, is a Life without Electricity " (^O.o)> PEW PEW \(X.x)| DEATHHHHHHH
  7. O OYAH WTF MAN?! =3, sigh leviticus, masterbating 4 teh winz, what aer you still doing playing SS?! Didn't i tell you to Touch your self everytime you have the urge to play SS.
  8. agreed. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
  9. lemme check with poser, wedesday sounds reasonable, but i'll get back to ya asap lol.
  10. LoL, WTF? is going on now, since our schedule is conflicted, since we can only play on saturday and their team can only play on sunday O.o
  11. sunday is no good either, one of my teammate is MIA, I'm out on sundays, lets make it tuesday night, around 11 pm est, 8pm pst. WEEEEE
  12. 4 pm est saturday thanks - Justi Lets end this
  13. i challenge what ever zone you just said in SWZL, i dont think you guys have the balls or cornuts to do it.
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