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  1. Dental work for replacing lost teeth: $500, Facial reconstruction surgery: $10000, cost of slightly amusing No Remorse: Priceless. For everything else, there's Visa.
  2. Good to see SoM taking a break from his usual pillaging of villages and raping of women during Easter. Of course I can't be too certain about that whole raping women part. -kr1z
  3. Yah you should use some Consumer Price Index and find the true value of levi's pts versus the pts Huntress accumlated when she set her rec. I mean if i won $10000 from a lotto during the stone age it would be a helluva lot valueable say that i won the lotto today. Prove me wrong punks! -Aemon
  4. Full Charge


    Now that I got all you porn addicts in here....What do you think tastes better? m&m's or smarties? If you picked m&m's, what kind of m&m's do you like? The mini variety, the peanut variety or just the plain 'ol original kind? This question goes mostly out to our fellow chubby SWZ players such as Mackie and KKF cuz we all know they indulge on one or perhaps both of these candies atleast 3 or 4 times a day. Post Script: I like m&m's better because they have a thinner coat which means more chocolate inside! __\/__ ( \ / ) <----No idea what that is, maybe half a carrot with a face on it \ * / ------- -Howie Feltersnatch
  5. Uni's nuclear powered lag is ours! There's no way we can lose! I didn't even know staff could flag, I thought they were forced to stay in spec.
  6. Elrond can go suck a fat one. Seriously, if elves are immortal how the fuck didn't they populate the world over a few times. I mean are elves mostly gay so they don't reproduce? If they are gay, wouldn't there be a lot of asian love children for the elves to raise and take care of? I never saw any asians in Lord of the Rings but I did see only Arabs play the humans from the Haradrim (you know the ppl from the pirate ships). I think Bush made Peter Jackson do that to influence the already guillible Americans. Anywho, that's another rant about nothing in 4 in the morning. -Princepin
  7. Yah that's Hugo Weaving who played V. He also played Agent Smith in the Matrix trilogy and Elrond in the Lord of the Rings. Good actor. Although, I felt sort of detached to his character in V for Vendetta because his lips wouldn't move because of his encompassing Guy Fawkes mask. -eDragon
  8. I think Nazis should come back and kill everyone except themselves. Anybody have something to say about that? I thought not. The fear of speaking out against me and the dire repercussions you will have to face if you do so have silenced you into submission. Now you shall live in infinite oppression. Err I said I would kill you...so you won't actually live...you'll just live in fear until I or my faction members find you and then kill you. Catfish? Anybody understand the message or theme from V for Vendetta? Because whatever it was, if there was any, I didn't get it....at all. Please ignore the first paragraph due to the fact I was abnormal and tired...god..I'm bored. Over and out. Roger that. Get into the rear of Charlie. -Radical Ed
  9. Skippy is right tho. Lets all have some barbeque and forgot about our troubles. Skippy always amazes me in how he finds practical and simple solutions to such complex problems. Way to go skippy!
  10. How can you show a rabbit losing his lover without shame? What if that happened to your blow up doll kkf?
  11. I'm sad. Let's send out a crack team of assassins to take out Prime. I have my contacts.
  12. 1. err Gartz? for always speccing and chatting the girl talk. SWZ is for SWZing. Yah, you heard me. 2. Spinster for winning flag games! duh you're suppose to milk until the dairy farm is mt. 3. ADF, for his rocketing at you and sometimes killing you (like 7% of the time) and his unappreciated effort(err that's a good thing but i'll add it neway) 4. Ummmmmmmmm.....all the noobs...so many of them playing now and when they kill you its downright embarassing especially because it happens to me a lot. Get sum skillzes nubbzorz! 5. The people who talk during movies and the smelly ppl who sit beside you on the bus. That's about it. End post. Is swz gone 4ever?
  13. I don't understand why we're able to buy bricks and spam them along a bombline or narrow strips along a base so no1 from the nme can get through. But we're not allowed to buy supers. Bricks are way more cheap and effective than supers. All you have to do is lay a brick, use your ?buy brick macro, plant one down one pixel below and rinse and repeat, rendering it impossible for the nme to move closer to the fr. And these bricks are dead cheap so its ez to stop the opposition once your team has collected all the flags. I suggest putting supers n sheilds back into the buying menu with an inflated price and same with bricks. And if the bot allows it....A cooldown to use such specials, like you can use either 2 bricks or 1 super or 1 sheild every hour or w/e. But I doubt that would work cuz no1 can program a bot. I do believe that would fix some balance issues. -NF
  14. Full Charge


    Ummm yes. I would finger the Iraquis too if I was shellshocked and got a burnt ass from a badly made explosive. Over and out.
  15. world champs? the US is the only god damn country that plays that sport besides the Canucks which they dont compete with. so if the steelers are world champs then i guess i'm the world champ at playing tennaseket a sport which combines baseball, cricket and tennis. I'd like to see someone take my title away in Tennasekey Bowl 56 in 2007.
  16. how the hell do you find all these weird picture like that one above? you just find it on the internet or do you make it? if the the former, what websites? Crazy web surfing doohickeys.
  17. Banned. Thank you, come again. Actually don't come again or it wouldn't be a very good ban.
  18. I'm reading the Da Vinci Code and all the of the evidence from art and so forth seems pretty true. SO what gives? Is this shit real or not? Says it's fiction in the beginning but I don't know. Doesn't the apostle on Jesus' left look a lot like a chick? A woman named Mary Magdalene?
  19. The fewer squads the better because that means the season will take less time and so people won't have to devote lots of time to this dead zone. I'm joking...SWZ is alive and kicking and nobody can deny that shit. Over and out.
  20. WTF full charge? Don't post useless posts here! I might have to report you to the Forums Advisory Council of Ethics on this one. Well, I'll let you go on that one. But one more slip up and you'll be hoping the FACE committee won't put you in the stockades for 3 years like I had too.... Damn FACE!! When will they learn some %^*ing clemency! Oh %&&^! I broke regulation 5.6B.1 about swearing in posts. (FACE knocks on apartment door) Oh shit there here.. I shouldl stop typing and climb out the window to escape...but I must tell the world....STOP THE FACE...PLEASE!!!! DFH (Hear a distant rattling of a chainsaw, ensuded by a soft splatter, followed by a thud against the hardwood floor. "Five, look at the computer! The post has already being sent" "You know what that means..." "We kill all the people that have read the post? "Yes. And turn off the microphone, it's probably recording our voices" Fumble fumble
  21. I'm gonna trashtalk about the fact that not enough ppl are trashtalking! What's up ppl?
  22. Bitching about the zone > Playing the zone QED
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