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  1. now we just need 18409172369147269847236 players to play the dead zone and we are ok.
  2. haha yes you guys are the only ones left, that is why i said you are making up the majority of the zone. but against your point saying "your guys" worked for their points, please, they may win the occational games throughout the day when there are like 5 ppl playing, i am saying when the big games come, it ends up that (to name names for instance) that cajun man has won two large games just by running and hiding. the funniest part bout it is that once he acquired all 15 flags, everyone knew he was going to win it, we have all grown to deal with the lameness that is involved with many of the new players. so as i said before, learn to play well. you won't get there by winning stupid lame 15 min games in the mid day, set it up grab all flags but 1 make a game that will last, then you will learn to get better. all i see is the same old tactics run by the same players. they either accumulate 1000's of bty and run to hide the moment a skilled player enters, they grab all 15 flags and run endlessly till the end, or the simply play the same old way they always have, cause "they can get kills", well a kill is a kill i will give ya that, but if you don't learn to not vulch and such then you will not get any better. u all need to learn. again i am n ot speaking for all defrost's and DP's but the majority (they know who they are). Quick*
  3. haha i agree with syx completely on the lack of sophistication that the zone has. but on the other hand the populus of the zone now is made up of defrosts and dead poets, which are all young players that don't know any better. i have "had my words" with many of them acting out like that. but they think that i am trying to be an ass when in all actuality i am just trying to help these poor little suckers to learn the game better and act better so that they can have a better role in the zone. now i hate to say it and nothing against the leaders of such squads, but without the veteran "leadership" that zeta, orion, jf, bs, emi, spindle etc etc... gave to the zone these noobish squads will keep acting up and playing stupidly. so i say if we can't get these squads to come back take action as a player make these other players learn their role. they all act as if they have been around for years and know how things work. again i am not saying this is a major reason for the zone being the way it is, but it is a contributing factor. especially when new players come into the zone jsut to find ppl either sitting in safe with enormous btys or running around in center, just to lame the game by hiding on the edges of the map. the leaders of these squads need to act as a leader, show their players how to play, teach them how to act. again not saying that each person has to act a certain way. but we have all come to acknolodge a certain aspect of role playing within this zone, you create your own persona by getting better and allowing yourself to be able to back your talk. most of these new players talk up a storm and they suk ass. so i say to them, get better, learn to act not like a 5 year old, and you will be more respected. hell everytime i come into the zone a DP or defrost has ruined a game in one way or another, or at least people are talking about how much they hate a certain palyer cause of his actions. Quick*
  4. u guys cry a bit, the bomber is fine, i still whoop ppl in it, whether i just got in the ship or it is greened. it is fine the weasal, i have no idea if it has changed at all, i don't use it, BUT LEAVE MY BOMBER BE!
  5. buying things adds no real incentive to flag, if ppl dont' want to flag just cause they can't buy anything, that is just plain wrong. as dodj said, you don't need hardly anything to be an effective flagger, hell you can run through a base with non bounce bullets and still get a good rush in there. you just need to learn how to not run into bullets. simply put buying things is for the people who can't figure out how the hell to get into a base, it is a last resort, or it is a lame ass way of getting kills within a base. there is no real need to buy supers, unless you can't brake a base, same for thors, same for bounce even (but bounce doesn't really count cause most of the time you have it and on sc will get u it anyhow). so get off your lazy asses and learn how to flag better. Quick*
  6. haha it is funny to me to see that all these people sit around and wonder why these changes have come bout. don't worry about the changes, they are changes, that is just apart of life and this game. you all take it as downgrading the zone, which it may be, but they are there for sometime i am sure of that, so deal with it, this is why it is a game, it is a challenge. new settings = a challenge...as i can see many of you chose the easy way and decided to say f it and go to an easier zone in which you can survive cause you are playing mostly noobs that don't realize how to play the game ritefully. anyhow, as i said it doesn't bother me in any form cause i don't play anymore, but damn guys, u like the zone, i know you do. so instead of saying f it and moving on cause the zone isn't as you remember, take on the changes, stick it out, hell you may even like the changes once bigger games get formed.
  7. wah wah wah who cares if you can get one flag at a time or all of them, learn the new settings and suk it up, or just leave. if you don't like it then don't cry bout it, either play with what u got or don't play. as i can read here, most are just not playing and taking the easy way out. well screw that shit, you all like swz enough to at least give things a try, all you need is one flag to ruin a flag game for someone else, keep that in mind. and NO it is not the settings, the settings for what i hear are exactly the same as normal swz settings, cept the one flag thing and the smaller ship. other than that it is fine, so take your crying elsewhere, it doesn't apply here. it seems you are just looking for a reason not to play, so if you want to use your lame ass excuse then so be it, but it doesn't fly with me, hell i was around long enough to go through all the swz setting changes, cept this most recent one, and i know for a fact, that the setting changes in the past were much more of a change than the most recent one. so stop your belly aching and make the zone fun again BY PLAYING and NOT BITCHING!.
  8. now i don't really play anymore, but all this stupid bickering was here when i did play. but what i see it is, all the people that are mainly doing the bickering are/were the ones that just sat in spec all day and didn't play. so a simple answer is right in front of all of you, get the fuk out of spec and play the damn game. i realize that many of you are older now and don't really see the fun involved int his game anymore, hell i am right there with ya, that is why i quit, but if you ARE still going to play, then play. stop this stupid bickering, yes mackie suks as sysop, we have seen that for ages though, this is nothing new. deal with that, the chanegs aren't going to come within in a day. suk it up, get int he game when people aren't playing, just hop in, get bty, grab flags or something, more people will play then. hell at the point of when i stopped playing, spindle was dead, blackstars was an rs squad, zeta was moving more into eg and rs, orion just won swzl and stopped playing mainly, emi is dead, geno is ded, savants is just savants, and dp (the newest squad in the zone) was the only active people in there. if the players of these squads would stop sitting around and writing senseless articles on the damn forums and played the game we all know and love, then the zone would have people playing in it again. you are all saying, the zone is dead cause of this, cause of that. hell if may very well be cause of one of those things, but the MOST MAIN REASON is that cause all you lazy buttholes are sitting in spec all god damn day. now i hear we got some new settings and a new map, take full use of these things, rather than admiring from spec, actually play the game you intended on playing when hitting enter on the main screen. if you can't do such a simple idea like that, then fuk quit the game, cause it obivously is not fun for you anymore, if all you do it spec and bitch. Quick*
  9. http://www.fazed.org/video/view/?id=80
  10. though i am not one to be into star wars all that much, this is rather kewl. http://spikedhumor.com/Article.aspx?id=1593
  11. ok well i liek the idea personally. the settings i believe should be as follows : NRg : like 1000 Weapons : (not sure if all this is able to do) but a burst with much fewer bullets in it than the bursts the bombers have, maybe 5 bullets. red guns double barrel with more delay between shots than the multi of a bomber, maybe a red bomb with one bounce, maybe. a rep, a rocket, a portal. Abilities : can't attach or be attached to. high speed, just barely faster than the weasal, making it able to run away more efficiently. rather agile just as senti was saying. Cloak, no stealth, xradar. Lastly i think that that is should be a standard ship, say ship 7 or something, then ONLY open this ship up (just as we do with the caps) to one person per freq, only when the freq size reaches 4 or 5 people. this is cause if you think about it, if there is a small game oging on that is needed to build up to a big game, this ship could rock 2 or 3 people, just flying right in, as long as the pilot is skilled anough to make it through the 1x1 holes with no prob. so i say have 2 locked ships now. at 4 or 5 ppl allow the scout ship (ship 7) then at 8 (or whatever it is) allow the cap ship (ship 8). this will make people want to get bigger games going to allow for the locked ships to be able to be used and also for the fact that now, there will be 2 people on the freq that needs to "earn" the level to be able to play these ships. Quick*
  12. i think the bases should be the size of what i got in #quick...they are fairly bigger than the minis and the map size (outer sheel) can be changed to suit. Quick*
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