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  1. And Again, Here I G0! MackieMan is the Real $hid of SWZ no matter what is said, no matter WHAT! its time to get the speccerz out of specc-usage into playing-usage.! OH SHID! Thanks, JE$$TER
  2. OK, here I go. I'm a Newb still (the ProNewb!) so I'm learning. The zone is doing very well and I know the changes that need to be made will, if any. ADF is doing a most excellent job, and even the skipper too. The only thing I will add to the things to in SWZ is the $urPrize idea i've popped here and there. I think for the people that play and make SWZ a fun to come place should be awarded. Dropping $urPrizes in the Bot randomely. Of course with that idead some might think that can be abused, but with good discretion from GOOD SMODS, it will not be! I am most confident in you $modz.! P.S. $urPrize$ in the botfuk for the faithful = $ for SWZ.! Thank You, Jesster
  3. Does Mackie play much... no. Does Mackie make mistakes... of course he does. Does Mackie keep SWZ running; therefore, alive... yes. For the latter reason I'm siding with Mackie. No matter how many mistakes are made with the settings, at least we still have the zone.
  4. Needless to say, alot has changed. 10 people is considered a good showing if they are all playing. Good luck and glad your back.
  5. To the Christians: Merry Christmas To the Jews: Happy Chanukah To those of African Orgin: Happy Kwanzaa To Everyone Else: Seasons Greetings, Happy Yule Tide, Happy Holidays, Happy Festivus, or Have a Nice Day! Love, thoth1902
  6. Speaking of league, how long can we expect the prac arena to be down? Forgive the double post.
  7. Again, stop the fighting!
  8. I don't care what happened, but thanks to those that got SWZ back to running.
  9. I have an idea for everyone! Stop the damned fighting and just play the fucking game. If those two options don't make you happy either remain silent, voice your complaint in a reasonable manner, or simply leave.
  10. Jesster and Boing do not make the majority of Dead^Poets. Cajun does not make the majority of Defrost. Every squad has someone who is going to point whore, don't confuse that person with the rest of the squad. As stated in my previous arguments, bring back a map that is decent for the pop. Small maps force these players to at least wait until more people are playing before they can win, and they force these players to earn their jackpots through many deaths and kills (i.e. skill). Get rid of the safe in center and bounty saving, make the bty whores fight hard to increase their precious bounty.
  11. In response to Quick*, you my no means hold a monopoly on virture. Neither does any player in this game. I've been here long enough to know that everyone is going to do something that others consider lame. My squad has won their fair share of games, my squad has lost their fair share as well. But what you neglect to mention is that my guys have built the games they win by playing when most the rest of the world is sitting in spec or absent altogether. Whether you want to admit it or not, these two new squads you frown upon are what is keeping this zone from being completely dead most of the time. Who else do you think is playing when the population is below 10? Who else is playing in the center for hours when its only 2v2? Who else is building up the jackpots?
  12. This is basically another list of complaints that I have, this time regarding the map. Take it for what its worth. I'm not sure who decided to put him a huge map in a zone that usually has an average pop of 7. Face it, there won't ever be 50 people playing at once anytime zone, so why put in a map designed for that many. What we do get because of the map is alot of laming and alot of running. I used to get pissed off because people would lame wins, but now I don't blame them. After all, if the map wasn't so fucking huge they'd have no choice but to either wait for more people to come in before they could win, or be really skilled. I say let them lame all they want now, everytime they do it is a slap in the face of the people that really care about the zone. Eventally something will have to change. Which leads me to my next point. Any changes that are implemented must take into consideration several factors before they are to be successful. First, they must take into consideration the average pop. Next, they must be connected to improving flagging. Finally, they must maintain the balance and skill level of the zone.
  13. Make it come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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