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  1. Mega is orion som? pshhhhh haha hope your doin well man
  2. haha you're so 5th grade mackie
  3. GForce


    haha oh look big bad full charge...go get blown up by a bomb and see if you can even walk your ass back to a computer nevermind being alive to get to one
  4. IF that playing the zone bit was aimed at me because i dont play the zone but talk on the forum, I can't play the zone while im at college...my connection doesnt allow me
  5. Thank you garath for explaining that hard concept to mackie..I figured with all his large words and complex sentences he woulda been able to figure that one out by himself. Just like we've lost players to others zones Ie: hockey, chaos, etc doesn't mean we can't take their players... So instead of crying because another person called you fat do something
  6. Subspace numbers may be going down but that doesn't mean that swz numbers can go down along with it...Even though the subspace numbers may go down there will be a steady (increasingly smaller) income of new players. This doesn't mean we can't make swz to what it once was where there was 90 players in and we ahd 2 caps per team fighting for bases. Nah, swz can be great again but we need a sysop who is one of the players and who knows how the population feels and just doesn't sit in spec on his fat ass...we need a new sysop to get shit done
  7. lets overthrow mackie and start a revolution
  8. GForce

    SWZ down?

    the zone needs maturity like i said before...funny som Caps ruin the game as well i always believed that from the beginning unless it was a 35v35 game or something swz IS missing that rivalry, i remember when i use to try to rival all the rec whores and run around center with a 60-0 or whatnot record until i was thored and killed by someone..which i also think thors should only be bought... but we know what swz needs it needs what it had in the old days class, style, and the normal settings, but now how are we going to get these things back to normal
  9. GForce

    SWZ down?

    I agree with syx on the friendship thing. But, I think swz has a very childish appearance. I mean who asks if you'd eat kangaroos on your message board? Just a little bit ago we had cows on our webpage. I mean lets grow up a little bit. Lets have more of an older attitude because that's where the majority of the subspace players are at today. If you enter a zone and we have immature little girls talking about kangaroos and cows in their chats....no friendships or bonds are going to be made. 90% of the subspace population are maturing people. And whats sad is some of these older mature people are still talking about cows and kangaroos. It seems assinine to talk about this shit but seriously we need a more grown up population than fucken farm animals. If we have an older attitude and present our zone like people who are mature and not talking about cows and shit maybe we'll have a more mature audience come in. I also said this in a previous post. When you have nothing GO BACK TO THE BASICS! STICK TO THE BASICS
  10. I dunno maybe you guys are right but i definately wouldnt have the league unless you have atleast a solid 8 squads that you can rely on not to ns throughout the season...one of the main thing with swzl is everyone has swzl fever and then by week 7 everyone can't wait till its over....is there anyway we can keep this fever alive throughout the season? maybe having a third and 4th place final who eventually get a prize
  11. You don't have enough of a base. A league with anything less than 8 teams i believe will be a huge failure and shit on the confidence of swz which has had spurts of life lately...I think its better to wait a little bit longer...Maybe spring time like March or April to start things up
  12. GForce

    Whats the plan

    On a first note i'd like to thank levit for puttin in good work on a second note you can't miss mackie syx
  13. we'll form our own squad som....pro logic whaaa
  14. hahaha that big svs zone...ahh gotta love it
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