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  1. Luthi


    Im a noob. Whats the URL to the score/league page? Plz put up a link. thx.
  2. lmao...det lyckades inte..din grammatik ?r inte s? het
  3. lol, 3-J f?rs?ker prata svenska. SoM, vad ?r det med staffen i den h?r zonen? Jag tror att dom har haft n?gonting h?rt uppk?rt i analen alldeles f?r l?nge. Men jag tror Sanka gillar det. S?ndag 21 GMT/5 EST pm ?r kanon...k?ra p? det?
  4. Luthi


    Hmm, u guys are so uptight. Lets play an "AML"-playoffs, will be fun. I could arrange it if needed.
  5. Hmm, det skulle v?l klicka. s?ndag eller l?rdag? S?ndagen ?r att f?redra, ifall man skulle ut och sv?nga sina lurviga p? l?rdag, men b?da funkar v?l.
  6. lol. pz. I voted Gaynor fo shoo.
  7. Not possible. we have a 5th final game (if we win the sat. one that is) on sunday 18.00 GMT = ~2 pm EST (it'll continue for atleast 1 and a half hour from then) sat would be best...or late on sunday.
  8. Luthi


    would be fun tho, and i do think this we got the time to do it, since the schedual isnt exactly crowded. Gaining experience.
  9. Same time as the last one would work. Sat. 2 pm.
  10. lol. I'll leave to JJ to reply to this.
  11. Hmmkay, whats that in GMT? And JJ, dont expect a big show if you schedule the games before, since most ppl plan their weekends for those final games, that meaning they showup a few hours before if they are able to in order to prac DSB. SWZL and DSBL is very messy indeed to fit in, especially in the playoffs. We'll just have to do anyways.
  12. JJ, we got the 3rd final game vs bandidos on sat. 20.00 GMT. On sunday the 4th game is on 18.00 GMT. AFTER these games plz.
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