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  1. Hey duds, I hope you are still an excellent cap ship. I'm tired of always fighting KKF as cap ships during the rare games we have the population to support them. And wtf KKF, where did the bunny-ballon go?!
  2. Circle

    Zone Down

    No, this current one is halarious. A rabbit humping a ballon and busting it? Brilliant!
  3. "deathcircle" wtf, I should have that alias.
  4. Circle

    Zone Down

    I think this is the perfect chance to begin the final campaign I've always had in my mind to revive SWZ. Stage 1: Find a flagging zone that is currently enjoying a healthy population. Stage 2: Mass migrate to that zone, start being an active participant of it. Stage 3: Join the staff and rise in its ranks. The more SWZ representatives we have in the staff the better. Stage 4: Obtain sysop status. Whoever gets it first gets a cookie. Stage 5: Begin the slow and steady transformation of the zone settings to that of SWZ. Use the old settings with the 1-hit-kill bombs cuz the zone needs to keep attracting newbies or it will die out, and impliment capital ships. Stage 6: Rename the zone to Starwarzone.
  5. Circle

    Zone Down

    Oh wtf, not pball too! So is it true that Xalimar was hosting these servers from his work? For how long was he able to do this? And Prime ratted him out? Has anyone been able to talk to Xal?
  6. I see 3D Desktop sex shows in the near future.
  7. Ya, Fuk Brees, you guys can have him. We still have LT. W00t, San Diego represent!
  8. Circle


    Hey, that's actually not a bad idea considering how cool Red Alert looks. This is also part of the newbiefy-the-zone solution. But dunno how laggy and cramped it'll get after 20 people, but we can just make the pub arenas small. sscx redalert zone, haha. I'd play that
  9. Rasheed for prez. I lost $20 betting on Carolina, I don't think that money goes towards Detroit. If the city cannot attract upper middle class residents, it's gonna get worse. I've seen a documentary about how zoning and suburban spraw among other factors ruined Philly. I wonder which city is in more economic shit, Detroit or Philly?
  10. ORION can probably dig up enough players for SWZL if it happens.
  11. Dubai huh? You see that man-made palm shaped island?
  12. Circle

    Free Porn!

    To attract new players, you need to make it easier. You need to give newbies a chance. I suggest trying old settings. That's the one-bomb kill settings. Is that the setting the zone was at the very begining when SWZ was trying to grow and attract players as a new zone? It's the setting I first started playing SWZ. It gives newbies some lucky shots. Or at least the ones that don't have flying skills but still have some aiming skills, some chance of wining. Newbify it. That's the wining formula for fast kill (death) zones like trench. It doesn't have to be something that changes weapons/ships settings. Pball's small map attracts newbies because smaller maps means faster scoring, less thinking ahead, and more instant satisfaction. Even long running commercial multiplayer games were newbified to help attract and keep new players. Counter-strike's hitboxes used to be much smaller. After it went retail and v1.5, the hitbox were enlarged and headshots became much easier so newer players can hit the head almost just as often as seasoned vets. Day of Defeat's BAR used to be much harder to use because it kicked a lot. After the retail release, they made that gun easier to use. And probably some other changes I don't remember. Natural-selection used to be just regular base-building ns-style maps. But its learning curve is pretty steep so the creators introduced combat mode where you don't need to build bases and just kill enemies to level up to buy new equipment and weapons. Combat maps for ns is like War3's Defense of the Ancients for a first person shooter. Much easier with more action. The return of old settings would probably see mostly center killing. To encourage more flagging, you can try making the map really small with only 3 bases and no center. Those variable maps are really cool. The incoming newbies would probably just be a trickle, there's no saying how long they'll stay when there are larger populations to play with in other zones. But if the settings are easy enough at least they won't be turned off as quickly. Once your ready for the new debut, you can always "crash" the other servers for a couple of days to divert players here.
  13. Were you the guy that's crying or the guy that's about to cry in the WSOP?
  14. In other words, vap isn't gonna force a time, I guess. So you two captains agree on a time. Pick the same day to party, and the same day to play swzt finals. Partying... swzt finals... parting? swzt finals? cashball preseason? hmm dochira ichiban suki desuka?
  15. There was a cap game today. Pretty fun to rocket into enemy base, take their flags, and slowly navigate your way back out of it.
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