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  1. I'm sorry. I'll try to stop being a(n) #######.
  2. You, sir, have made my brain hurt.
  3. You guys are so mean to me. I hate you! *cries* Okay, let me rephrase my first post: "I don't care."
  4. Did you post this because you think someone cares? Just so you know... We don't.
  5. Chicken Man


    That was a very good argument, PL. For once, I believe you have changed my mind about the flag settings through a post in a forum. Which has never happened to anyone. Ever. Ray, I disagree. I hate privs. Probably now more than before because I am not affiliated with a squad. But, actually, "squad freqs," or whatever you'd like to call them, don't form much anymore. Privs usually consist of vets, which isn't really fair to new players. If noobs played side-by-side with vets, opposing another team of equally distributed players, they have a chance to learn from more experienced players. A pub freq full of noobs, half of which usually doesn't even flag, doesn't stand a chance against a team of vets.
  6. Chicken Man


    QUOTE (TC Dark Reign @ Aug 21 2005, 07:45 PM) I can summarize arguments over the past decade with: "SWZ is dying! But don't change anything, because its fine the way it is!" And at the complete other end of the spectrum, the argument is: "SWZ is dying! Keep changing the settings even though it doesn't help!" Not that I even care. Just being the devil's advocate.
  7. Chicken Man


    Don't screw with my Javelin... It's not defenseless. I manage to kill teammates and enemies all the time.
  8. Chicken Man


    I laughed and cringed at the same time. Well done, KKF.
  9. So don't limit it. Usually the people that play in 4v4-and-below games are people like me, Skippy, Arc, Zone, Fox, etc. And I don't think any of those people would be in this probe ship all the time if they were seriously trying to win a flag game. People are smart, even noobs would figure out that using that ship and losing the game for their team, and getting yelled at, isn't fun. I think we should at least test it and try it in main for a few days. It'd be something unique or different to attract people to SWZ.
  10. Wondered when it was going up. Does this mean a new forum?
  11. Well, I could see how no one would want a small game going with a team full of bees, but if caps were on, say 8v8+ game, it'd be cool to have a few of those things. Oh, to add to the weapons, etc., it needs decoys, and alot of rockets. Needs some kind of distraction when it's running away.
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