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  1. then again, JAD said "nerf" so obviously im with whatever he thinks
  2. skippy

    Zone Down

    WOOT! Zone is back up now! redownload the server list and get in! Big thanks to Priitk for getting this going! again, fck levi i do drv by on my bke
  3. Ill be in redstar most likely... but i was thinking along with circle in another thread. we should mass migrate to another zone and play there. any thoughts? oh and it needs to be flagging! I also agree with JAD, swz will be back up, just give it a little bit, dont leave.
  4. I bet those lame zetas use ?buy bricks all the time...
  5. skippy

    Zone Down

    aww, Clint that is a sad pic... >_<
  6. skippy

    Zone Down

    WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF... this is gay, someone fix it! also, fck levi haha
  7. skippy


    yea i dont know what it is either, but i would really like the actual high scorer up there...
  8. skippy


    i'm guessing whatever new person says "shid" the most is him haha
  9. skippy


    Jesster wanted me to post this, so: [Feb 23 22:02] Jesster: alright g, post my departure if ya can, for me, 10 months in swz, you take care of yourself and becareful out in this crazy world we live in, oh,you dont have to post if ya dont want too, you a good man skipp, but you the $hid haha man, whatta shidder. i guess he is leaving
  10. haha hell yea SP great concert and frickin crazy car ride home -skip
  11. Again, KKF's avatar too distracting...
  12. skippy


    WTF WHY EAT A POOR LITTLE ROO?!!?!? They put boxing gloves on and trunks and box for god's sake!!! EAT BEEF -skip
  13. skippy


    This might be off topic to say in this thread, but would it be possible to make a bot that locks the freq when one team has all the flags? If we just went to pub freqs, and then one team takes a base and gets all the flags to win the game, certain people, not naming names, but certain people just hop onto the winning freq for points. i really get annoyed with that. was just wondering. -skip
  14. oooooooooooooooooooh thats perrrrty
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