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  1. BBQ chicken pizza is good.
  2. KKF to return to old avatar imo
  3. How much bandwidth/processor power does SSCX require? I'm tempted to replace it myself if such a thing is within the grasp of a grad student's finances...
  4. The premise of the DaVinci Code isn't that the painting was some kind of photograph of what happened, rather that DaVinci was a member of some secret society that knew the truth about Jesus' relationship with Mary Magdalene and that he put clues to it in his paintings, such as that hand.
  5. I too don't feel the weasel to be at all overpowered. It has its strengths in its emps and maneuverability, but it also has weaknesses in its relatively lower max energy. It also can't get thors... Besides, if anyone feels the weasel is at all more powerful, they can just play one!
  6. I agree with most of the suggestions made here so far... I even agree personally with the freq restrictions, though I bet there will be much outcry against it. The ball timer definitely needs to be increased. Bouncies would be very nice to have standard. Yes, get rid of shutdown. No anti in center is a pretty good rule I think. It keeps people from being annoying during big flag games, and would keep the duel box from being messed with by people outside. Bots SHOULD be used to take care of the menial tasks of rule enforcing... That's what bots are for! We have a small player base as it is, let the staff get in and play! If anything that makes the zone MORE personal. If anyone on staff would like to post some pre-scheduled events, I bet they'd bring in more people... Spontaneous events are good and all, but I rarely participate in them because they always seem to happen when I'm just popping in briefly and haven't scheduled some time to play... adf, I like your idea for that event/map you're working on... if you want any help just let me know... I've actually had an idea for a swz event that's bounced around in my head since like 1999, if you want to hear about it send me a PM. PS - I'd also like to see an updated shipset that includes appropriate graphics for ship 7... I like having my tie fighters and stuff but that ship is still a mon calamari cruiser!
  7. I have a hard time reading anything KKF posts cause I find myself stuck staring at his avatar...
  8. Maybe I just don't know how these things work, but isn't the owner no longer running it the only way for a zone to really be "lost?" Population is at a low, but there are still those of us having fun with who's left... I for one will still play as long as there's even one person to play with; I just plain like the ship settings.
  9. Valoron

    SWZ down?

    When I started this thread, this isn't what I intended to happen, but I guess there was some stuff brewing that was going to come out one way or another... I'll limit what I say here because I haven't been around for over a year and that wasn't my first year-long absence, so I still consider myself a newbie even though I've played SWZ off and on since the days that CH was sysop... I will say that while SWZ's population is indeed the lowest I've ever seen it, it's still at playable levels. At prime time I've seen some good flag games get going in the past few weeks. I think this makes it worth keeping up. I'll also say I appreciate Mackie informing us as to what the current zone-down problem is, and letting us know he's working on it. Due to my extended absence I don't feel qualified at the moment to comment one way or another on the overall administration of the zone. I do feel the current settings are all right, though a new map would be nice. I'll also say I wish Mom was here.
  10. Valoron

    SWZ down?

    It can't die, I just came back!
  11. Valoron

    SWZ down?

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! <breaks free from his shackles and flails around Vader style>
  12. Valoron

    SWZ down?

    What happened? The zone's been showing up as offline since last night...
  13. Just today I noticed that if I fired an emp and got hit by a bomb, I'd die in the weasel... Same goes for if I bombed someone right after they fired an emp... I haven't noticed any particular durability to it...
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