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  1. QUOTE (Full Charge @ Mar 24 2006, 03:41 AM) I think Nazis should come back and kill everyone except themselves. Anybody have something to say about that? I thought not. The fear of speaking out against me and the dire repercussions you will have to face if you do so have silenced you into submission. Now you shall live in infinite oppression. Err I said I would kill you...so you won't actually live...you'll just live in fear until I or my faction members find you and then kill you. Catfish? Anybody understand the message or theme from V for Vendetta? Because whatever it was, if there was any, I didn't get it....at all. Please ignore the first paragraph due to the fact I was abnormal and tired...god..I'm bored. Over and out. Roger that. Get into the rear of Charlie. -Radical Ed ...
  2. Cowboys = desperate. have been for years, he'll do something to make it screw them over. They need him, he knows it, thats why hes getting paid so much and they know that he is a liability. but again, they are desperate
  3. QUOTE (a dead fish @ Mar 19 2006, 09:08 PM) As per news.txt a few minutes ago... --------------------- March 19, 2006 SWZ has moved to a separate server at the same host for load balancing. A redirect has been setup so that you will still be able to connect using the old IP. When you update your zone listings the new IP will be updated as well. Also, I have recovered the files from the original SSCX server and have setup the Prac and Duel arenas. Everything else will be forthcoming. -Mackieman --------------------- So things are starting to get back to normal, still got some things to do, but we are making progress... --adf w00t
  4. QUOTE (No_Remorse @ Mar 19 2006, 01:00 PM) BTW, it isn't me making the new map. ~NR
  5. not gonna lie...everytime I am having a bad day...I just come here and look at KKF's avitar. it's like a drug that you just can't stop taking
  6. QUOTE (Full Charge @ Mar 14 2006, 01:25 AM) Skippy is right tho. Lets all have some barbeque and forgot about our troubles. Skippy always amazes me in how he finds practical and simple solutions to such complex problems. Way to go skippy! true dat!
  7. QUOTE (Mackieman @ Mar 10 2006, 03:41 PM) Can I donate $5 to get you to move out of Spokane? where should I move to and no it'll cost you more then $5
  8. Ok, I have volunteered to earn money for the American Heart Association becuase they are doing a Walk For Life here in Spokane in May. It would be great if I could get as many of you guys to help out as possible. Our goal is to raise $1,000 total, but my personal goal is $150 to contribute to the team. what can I say? I have bad self esteem Any amount that you are willing to donate would be appreciated. The web page allows you to donate in incraments of $25.00, $100.00, $250.00 and $500.00 If you want to donate but not at least $25.00 let me know and we can work something out. I am going to be getting all of those funds together and will be donating them all in one massive pile by turning it into my supervisor and she will take it downtown to donate. Any and all help is appreciated smile.gif if you have any questions please feel free to let me know. to donate go to: http://heartwalk.kintera.org/faf/r.asp?t=4...740&e=528720336 again any questions just email me werdnayad@gmail.com
  9. QUOTE (Full Charge @ Mar 9 2006, 06:04 PM) How can you show a rabbit losing his lover without shame? What if that happened to your blow up doll kkf? that would be one...sad...day. You know he would take it out on us too ::looks in the corner grudgingly at the SWZ be good stick:::
  10. QUOTE (Circle @ Mar 8 2006, 03:44 PM) "deathcircle" wtf, I should have that alias. go for it I wasn't intending on using it
  11. what about "deathcircle"? that was the name of my squad on xbox live before boot camp on the games I played...ahhh the memories...
  12. at this time I would like to add 2good4u on my hitlist due to the sole fact that his leet !lag capabilitys makes him invisible not to mension invincible! Not to mension his deocy tecnique that closely resembles a ventriliquist where he appears on the other side of the screen, then back again. very l33t
  13. I blame jesster. he uses ?cheet way too much ;x
  14. your interwebnet.com has been H4X0R3D! actually I had pretty crappy lag by the end of the night. I was signing out already so no big deal, but if it is like then when I get off work today...I might cry a little...
  15. lets get a cake...mmmmmmmmm cake...
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