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  1. Which way did he go George which way did he go? Back to SWZ?
  2. Personally I think it's ALL going TO be a waste OF TIME, just LIKE it was before. WITH that being sad, I WANT TO see another flagging league. WITH 'Project X' going TO take place, I think that will ONLY hinder a flagging league IN anyway. So we will have these new settings IN main, but have a flagging league WITH REAL SWZ settings? OR LIKE Raynor said, wait months until people try AND GET adjusted TO the radical new changes AND do a flag league WITH those settings? Either way I think it will be a doomed situation. So if we wait months FOR 'Project X' AND new settings, SWZL will swoop RIGHT IN AND have another SWZL. So that won't be an option. If we do a flag league shortly after SWZL, and then they change the settings, what will we have a sub arena with the current SWZ settings? If thats the case, no one is going to want to play in main with the 'Project X' settings. Curious to hear other peoples objective opinions, and try to stay on topic, and keep things relevant. Anyone?
  3. Is it gonna be worth another shot?
  4. Windows is easier to fix? Laf Theres only like 6 simple steps to fix ANY problems in OS X
  5. PhotoShop! P.S. nice avatar
  6. What a shame. Wish you the best of luck in EG Mom (not that you need it). Power corrupts and people think more of themselves then what they really are. Trickle down effect.
  7. AntShaw


    Fugazi-Live@ Holyoke War Memorial, Holyoke, MA 4-18-02 2 Days away from my favorite holiday of the year.
  8. hahaha http://homepage.ntlworld.com/nigel.simpson...clips/fall1.mpg
  9. AntShaw

    Fess up!!

    Alright, which one of you jokers is pimping this beast around? http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread...threadid=484634
  10. No point wasting your time. Samething will happen as before. People will say they want to play at first. Then once the ball gets rolling, those people will then say no, and then start another SWZL.
  11. when i want a smoke, i fire up the bizong.
  12. AntShaw


    Ha, and you thought you had any. http://static.hugi.is/video/fyndin/Japan_N...test_2003-1.wmv
  13. www.20q.net Freaky. Safe for work. 20 questions game. Ive done it atleast 20 times, computer got mine right everytime except once.
  14. green some more when u come back
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