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  1. levi I thought you were staff too no?
  2. Don't you mean time to switch staff? Or zones? haha, let the flaming begin lol
  3. both angels and demons and the da vinci code were great books. i even like angels and demons more.
  4. good luck throwing that fatass anywhere lol
  5. You are right I am too lazy. But I had today off so I got enough time to back som up. Old settings were way better. Ok, back to being lazy. -Rev
  6. congrats levi, i still hate you
  7. Thanks. We love you all.
  8. cm must think that ppl care he came back. I value perse's opinion far more than cm's. I think most will agree. -Rev
  9. Revenger


    I take that back, I didn't see the part about blue bullets for caps, that won't work.
  10. Revenger


    I agree on all points.
  11. Revenger


    what's up chuck
  12. also, please get rid of the specials delay, i can understand the delay on bricks, or spiders or weasals, but not on every ship for every item. -Rev
  13. you could solve that by giving weasals anti back
  14. everything is cool except being able to only carry one flag at a time, that part is lame. -Rev
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