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  1. Hey JAD, Its good to hear from you A map was being worked on by Clint01 but has since been shelved. There were some key ideas i had hoped would come from that development. I will list some of the design ideas at the end of this post. I will be back in the driver's seat now as TCDR has just officially retired from his position. In fact i'm just about to post the news to news.txt as I write this. Anyways, I should be free tomorrow (sunday aussie time) so i'll most likely be online for most of the day. Try and come online tmw if you can =) Ok, here is some food for thought.. --- Map - All bases must be 100% new. i.e. not been used in previous maps before. i think we have recycled too many bases in our recent maps and it kind of defeats the purpose of creating a new map. - Smaller, wider bases (than current map) - Have base entrances facing center. Basically for easier access to them. - Dont have too much playing area beyond the bases. We dont want to have a situation where flags are run around the outside as we do now with our current map. - Center area needs to have some objects to make things a bit more interesting. Plain open space is rather boring and work to alienate players who like to center kill. I find that even i like to just fly around and center kill sometimes, i'm sure alot of players feel the same. Its something i think we really should cater for. - Open center safe. Covering center safe to prevent safe huggers hurts the game play more than it helps i feel. Settings - Privs 6-8 per team - Flag timer to 180secs (3 mins) - Spawning to center safe area - Reduce mines on bombers from 3 to 2 - Reduce mines live time - these two suggestions i had recieved were based on the idea of using mines as a short term defensive maneuver. the shorter mine time would allow for the defender to re-set their mine in a defensive position as they are being pushed back, it could also reduce the chances of tks.
  2. miew


    well you would need a hosting service that would generate the image and then link that in your sig.
  3. miew


    masu you can use php libraries like JpGraph to generate the image files.
  4. QUOTE (Velociraptor @ Oct 11 2004, 01:03 PM) http://www.unicorn-dream.co.uk/hooves7.html lol wtf!? "How to make your own hooves" madness nice thread velo
  5. Hi Vic, One man privates with public settings is definitely worth consideration. However, with the next map we are thinking of possibly going full time privates of 6-8 per freq in which case one man privates would not be relevant. If we decide to stick to public settings then your suggestion will certainly be considered. Incidently, what is your opinion of swz going full time privates?
  6. miew

    Clint Is

    hey clutch twig, nice avatar..
  7. Senti- i know you take alot of pride in your work. I can assure you that the intention here is not to butcher your good work. The problem is that the outer section encourages ppl to just run laps with flags until win. Also, all i'm looking for here is just some obstacles to discourage the behaviour (not to completely fill the area). Quick- sure thing. A few new bases would be nice to have. Dont reuse old bases though, we have just about reused our old bases to death QUOTE (Circle @ Oct 7 2004, 02:13 PM) Just fill it with doors madness!
  8. Thanks for volunteering quick I hope dd's comments doesnt discourage others from contributing something though. Even little interesting obstacles we could add in there would be nice. The obstacles in the G2 maps were good but I think we can do better. Plus I think its better to have fresh stuff rather than reusing the same old things
  9. lol ch had some l33t gfx skillz
  10. Alright, this is for you map experts and critics =) Our current map is in need of some obstacles for the center and outer ring of map. Please post your ideas/contributions in this thread or you can email me at miew@starwarzone.com. Here is a little image to highlight the area in question
  11. miew

    Swz Force

    After taking a look at RS I cant say I like it too much but I can see what you are trying to point out. There are quite a few things that could be improved upon in our current setup. There wasnt any flag games going on at the time of my visit so i cant really comment there. But I was impressed with the atmosphere they have been able to create in the center area. In comparison our center is somewhat lacking. Privs- I have always favoured privs to pubs actually. The problem I have is when I set privs the zone virtually dies, this is especially evident if we have it on longer than a day. I realise that there would be an initial drop with a major change but it almost seems like ppl arent even willing to give it a go. Perhaps there is another element needed to make it work but i havent yet been able to figure out. Thors- Pretty rare at the moment but the possibility of it can sometimes detract from a united assualt on nme. The reasoning behind having thors in green was to give hope to the attacking team. It was introduced at a time where attacking teams had little to no will in attacking. The situation has improved since then so removing thors i will definitely consider. Caps- No arguements there. The bot control over caps do need to be a bit more intelligent. An idea I have put to 50% in the rebuild of main bot is to decap someone after they die. This way the caps arent taken out of play immediately which i find to be quite distruptive to the games. Your conclusion- I agree, Community is key that is for sure. Mods are the main driving force at the heart of the community. Staff change is in motion as we speak. With mackie's appointment has come several initiatives already and many more are planned. Its not something that can be done overnight but we are working to bring a little more organisation and focus to staff, and spark a bit more life into our community.
  12. cool, i look fwd to seeing them senti
  13. LOL Yeah the bomb fire delay was really low as well so the lanc was able to spam bombs like crazy
  14. Sry for the slow responses. My computer has been playing up alot lately so i have been trying to back up all my stuff and reinstall everything. I'm at work at the moment so i cant spend too much time here. I'll sneak in this quick response before everyone else turns up Anyways, with the talk about map work brings to mind the need for ppl with map making/designing skills. Senti has been the main driving force with map making until now. With his departure from staff and semi inactivity there is in need for some new talents. Circle, that would be a real nice idea to try out. I can see some tricky issues with having a dynamic map though. If there are any talented developers out there who wishes to have a go at this i would be more than happy to support them
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