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  1. I haven't been to SVS in a while, but I can assume he lames there the same as in SWZ.
  2. SWZ has always been a superzone. Just one of the less annoying superzones.
  3. I think the whole thing won't really amount to much no matter how things are run. Inviting All-Stars really doesn't mean much. It'll just be a 4v4 dueling competition. No teamwork involved at all. Teamwork is why SWZL is squad based right? It'd just be a 4v4 wb duel. No one that antied and helped his team win all year would be in. No one who was a second or even third attacker who forced people into kills would be in. While skillz are one thing, teamwork usually wins out when it's flowing. It's just going to be a long boring wb duel.
  4. sanka

    Time format

    Use EST and STFU. We already talked about this. Thank you come again.
  5. Oh. Well I just read a study on an archeologist finding human bones in Nevada that date to 18,000 years ago, and they appeared to be caucasoid. Now how did 18,000 year old caucasoid bones end up in Nevada when the bering sea land bridge only appeared around 14,000 years ago? Even if they were only 14,000 years old, how are caucasoid bones there at all?
  6. QUOTE My Question:: How does President Bush get away with all those madeup words that he uses in his speeches? (and don't give me some lameass answer like: "because he's the president.") After living in Texas for a year It seems a uniquely Texan thing to use random words that fit into conversation. It might sound a little wierd from a President, but it's just normal conversation really. You can tell when he's trying to bullshit you when he doesn't use his "Bushisms", thats definitely a prepared speech he had no hand in.
  7. Brickwarping is half the reason I leave spec.
  8. Jade^ isn't on that list. I'll vote Googol for still tying to play spider.
  9. They are speaking gay, if you understand it, guess what, you are gay.
  10. sanka


    The refs are not the problem. The no-shows of squads who don't give a sh*t are. That would be almost all of those.
  11. Spindle had a tough set of pre-season and regular season games. I still think they aren't playing very good. They are the new BS for letting me down, since the new BS seems to be doing ok.
  12. I like the idea, but prizing should probably be faster. I can die 5-10 times in 1 minute easy when rushing a base.
  13. Lag attatches are caused by attaching to already killed laggers, the respawn time has nothing to do with it.
  14. kr1z your avatar mesmerizes me.
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