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  1. Make it do back-flips and buy us ice cream. Also, it needs to have a moustache and a cane along with a monocle.
  2. Just dropping in to say wazzah? I wonder how many people remember meh?
  3. jigga damn dude... you are really doing it man... god damn... nice work brother:) thats all tight shit. Going places man:) duds
  4. GL you are a god for I am your high preist. I am spreading the word of your new joyus discoveries to new lands... omfg dude that is fucking halarious. POST MORE CAT PORN. duds
  6. Those are pretty cool ideas and probably should be considered by our map makers... Having a smaller map would make the games more intense as opposed to wandering around for 10 minutes trying to spot enemy while everyone sits at home. And maybe with that we could go to multiple arenas if the population gets over a certain size... and the circular thing... brilliant:) Makes it seem like the bases flow together and I wou dudley-do-right sinner
  7. No I concede all your points and agree the united states isnt a fascist dictatorship nor will it probably ever be one. It just that on the political spectrum we are drifting dangerously far from our democratic roots towards fascism and socialism (socialism can be good if used in a correct manner... and not the particular flavor of communism that the russians were so fond of for so long... can yah tell im a liberal?) I agree with everything youve said:) Just something to think about. We do in fact have all those things in common with nazi germany and fascist italy... and 1984 is freaken awesome:) dudley-do-right sinner
  8. Interesting points made... You decide for yourself:) Keep an open mind... and I will too... =D 14 Points Of Fascism dudley-do-right sinner
  9. Slyth since yer not on right now I figured I'd ask here since I have TO GO soon... Can I switch an alias IN FOR sinner FOR JAD's sex team? Sinner in for dudley-do-right? I will not play dudley-do-right again in quiet protest of whats going on. I support GL in what he wants for the zone. Maybe not how hes done it but its a means to an end. lock this thread if you like... but thats how I feel. Not to put undue pressure on yah brother (slyth) but just curious if I can do this:) If not then I suppose Ill have to drop out SWZDL. Thanks:) dudley-do-right sinner
  10. Im sorry to say that you cant not have people voicing their opinions... it may be constructive criticism or not... but it doesnt really matter. If someone says "Your league sucks" you can ignore it but its still there... Im sorry to say if you run something like this that will happen. You cannot and will not shelter yourself or your staff from such things. Just point that all out:) duds
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