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  1. fox-1


    LETS FORUM DUEL! I WIN 5-0! GG! :thumbs_up:
  2. hahah leet now it's my turn to call ppl laggots .. HAHAHAHAHHAHHA LAGGOT!
  3. fox-1

    Zone Down

    OMG .. It's showing 110ms for me! Maybe I should come back and proof that my skill wasn't (entirely) based on lag! hahah
  4. fox-1


    ?squad fox-1 ?find fox-1 ez pz
  5. fox-1

    SWZ 2006

    How about we bring back those A1 pictures where all top players of the reset were listed. I remember some hard core flaggers who played the zone all day just to get their name up there. It would be also nice to have a new "High Score Record" ... reset the old one, since nobody can't beat it with the current settings and population. Here's a pic of A1 if someone doesn't remember!
  6. And someone forgot to remove the old LVZ! Now there are some pics floating around in bases and stuff hahah!
  7. fox-1

    SWZ down?

    It's down again for me!
  8. I'll help .. but will there be enough squads to participate?
  9. Maybe we could play this game some time on christmas .. Because I have then lots of free time .. If we're gonna play this game on christmas, then you just name the time, and I'll be there! .. otherwise I will have to check with my calender!
  10. Congrats! With all your contribution to the zone and all the hard work, you will surely get promoted to sysop in no time.
  11. fox-1

    Free Porn!

    A new map would be nice .. maybe make a christmas themed map .. and make it so fancy that people from other zones will come check it out .. I dont think we need mods enforcing ship rules, but we definetly need some new events, and mods to host em. Start hosting events regularly, just some small events doesn't need to be anything big .. and form up a nice event hosting team to host events. Make it every friday, saturday and sunday, and make it REGULARLY. I dont think it wouldn't be too hard. That way we could maybe get some people to show up heh
  12. 1) Agreed! They are ridiculous! 2) Doesn't really bother me, so wuteva! 3) Maybe make a bomb cost more energy? This doesn't really bother me either. But I can see that noobs might have a hard time killing some vets with upgraded stuff. 4) I agree, would be nice to have antiwarp on more ships. Maybe make all ships have antiwarp, but make antiwarp cost more for some ships, so that you can only have it on for like 15 secs or so? (could be useful for critical situations) .. heh 5) The map layout should stay similar, to avoid any lame running wins and such. But it would be nice so see some fresh bases. How about we make a christmas map? 6) lol .. who gives a crap about 5% loss? 7) Agreed. I can however see that this might end in lameness. Another cool thing worth a try could be to enable the energy code (so that ppl can see other's energies), this way ppl could tell when I eat their stuff lol. 8) AGREED. Put back the pick 1 at a time thingy, but make total flags like 5 or so. Because most of the time there are only a few people in play. It's impossible to win a flag game 3vs3 with 9 flags.
  13. I dont see christmas coming any time soon!
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