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  1. nerf the buy menu alltogether. buying anti is the only reasonable option. all else should just be limited to being in the greens especially super, shield or bricks way to overpowered to be buyable.
  2. Priitk is one very generous person. Not only revamping the much outdated subspace but hosting other zones that compete with his home zone. Wish his message box wasnt always full. I did try to send him a short ty message. I am sure I would speak for everyone in saying we owe this man a great deal for all he is doing for the subspace community. Oh and I lag in SWZ much less now so it helped balance things for some of us =)
  3. JAD

    Zone Down

    Zone download is not working for me please give me IP and port info. I had to manually add eg for my gf. I am sure others are in the same boat. And for christs sakes post this on the zone news asap. Some of us actually have the main site booked marked and not the forums =) The download servers do not have current ip/port info if there is a server thats current let me know.
  4. JAD

    Zone Down

    There is a special place in hell for ppl like prime. May he be sodomized by rabid dogs for eternity.
  5. As Mr. Douglas Adams has said: DONT PANIC there are MANY people hosting subspace servers. Give one of the other hosts SSC billing and we can get all the SSCX zones back up. I don't think this is the end I really don't. To all my friends my email that istill check is jad1337@yahoo.com keep in touch! There are many options a new host may attract new players. CULT OF THE FINAL CALL 4 LYFE! I have a freind who i need to track down who may be able to help us. IF any of you know anyone in real life with hosting connection please get them laid or something we need to pull our resources and get not just SWZ (our main concern obviously) But all of SSCX zones that were victemized back online.
  6. JAD

    SWZ down?

    OK so now im sitting here piss drunk and cant log in to SWZ this is simply not fair. /JAD
  7. JAD

    Free Porn!

    I too have eased up on the noobs some sorta like letting my kid beat me in chess every now and then Playing and not sitting in spec is huge I am so guilty of this. We worked well on maps before Nr im sure we could get something together in a reasonable time. I just want some staff imput before i commit to a full blown project. I would like to a suggest an in-game meeting with all active staff and players log i0,t brain storm and see what we can do. Mackie needs all the help he can get and I know he listens although some would say otherwise. It's actually quite lonely at times at the top and I know how much he cares but he needs support. We all need to get invloved on any level that our free time allows. The website is another area I havnt touched on. Great layout need more news posted. Lets pretend we have an active zone Then it will become a reality... Post reset winners and award top places with some sorta prize...most kills/deaths flag points higest ratio etc.. /JAD
  8. JAD

    Free Porn!

    I should be posting this in the dev forum. The general consenus is that unless things change the zone may no longer be around (these are just rumors mackie has no intentions to pull the plug that I am aware of). As with most others swz'ers no other zone really does it for me. I mean sure most of us that actually play ss have found other places to go but its not SWZ and nothing else quite feels right. Well SWZ in its current state dosnt feel like SWZ. Why dont those that are still around play? The settings are too far away from the basic swz formula. We can all debate the time that swz was in its "prime" but I think the majority of vets would agree it was G2 map pub teams, caps no bots mods enforcing ship rules at that time. Bot are not a bad thing but an inactive staff that to be honest dont "seem" to do much is. Not accusing or pointing fingers at any staff, but this is what ppl are saying (truth or not dosnt matter). My opinion is that I know they care but are trying to hard to fix what isnt broke. Staff dont want to staff an empty zone. It's only logical that non-staff is going to blame staff for the decline in population. NEWS-FLASH: Swz dont need "fixed" it needs put back together. Put the settings back to normal. For now dont allow priv freqs. Allow the bot to set caps just in case population would allow it. Enable ship rules 1-3 4-6 7-8 caps. Thats SWZ. Even if we didnt have enough for caps its something to shoot for (come on you guys in spec 2 more and we get caps!)... Now on to my specialty Maps. The current tileset is pure ownage but making a small map is just self-fullfilling prophacy. Saying that we will never have enough people for a decent size map and all of a sudden we dont. Plan for a rebirth not the end... Would it matter if we made a normal sized map with the expectation that it will one day be in use. I say shoot for the big time instead of trying to mould the zone around our current population. We should have prac bot running 24/7. SWZL should run non stop with 2 week breaks in between seasons like AML. This is a no brainer. START A NEW SWZL SEASON IMEDIATLY. Even if its 6 squads dont matter this is the single most important thing we can do is show an active zone even if the flag games blow. We should have and elim bot, old elim bot and a duel bot running 24/7 for the low times 2-4 ppl can have a blast in an elim or duel arena. Events 10 mil games zombie old elim mini tk fos maze races etc should run when ever a mod see 10+ ppl in zone (after flag games is the perfect time to keep ppl in the zone once the flag game is over they tend to leave). I have more to add tired of typing though. /JAD (too lazy to spell/grammer check this)
  9. Its's once in a blue moon that i log in to ss, check zeta-mail or open up icq (does anyone even use it still? lol). But the good folks of this zone have seen me through some pretty crazy times So what else have you all been doing? My online time is mostly spent on poker sites runescape and porn of corse. Just curious about my fellow swz'ers... /JAD
  10. Put up an old map (Later G2 map with D1 S12 C9 Not the one with combs). Allow caps if population will ever be that high, let the bot decide this. Enable ships rules and pub freqs (again with the bot). Get rid of these crazy settings! At least if talk of killing the zone is in the air let it die as it was in one of its peaks not like this... Whatever the zone is now its not swz dont feel like swz and is a slap in the face to the zone I grew to love. /JAD PS: Stop the blame game its pointless.
  11. Sp there are a few of us left who played during a time before SWZ or SSWT1 existed. So dont assume you are not a noob just because you "started" in SWZ. In fact in confirms a few things... /JAD
  12. Maybe its this? http://sonarbaltimore.com/starscape2005/ Now for sure I'm not going if so /JAD
  13. Add me to the list of not knowing. /JAD
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