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  1. Crossroads http://us.imdb.com/Title?0275022
  2. 1) There is a such thing as post-marital sex?! I thought all sex ends when you get married...hmm 2) Substance abuse problem? You ran out of substances?
  3. I dont care if they ever get back to the "old days" ever again, the stench of horrid vomit-metal will always stain their music and make me gag at the very thought of even considering a purchase of their album.
  4. Come Get Some!


    Bass Ackwards - Poser
  5. Somebody likes to hear himself talk, hence the looooong posts that go on and on and only make sense to a crack smoking pig fucker.
  7. Well hurry back Mom. Anyway, there is no way I`m yellowing any flags ever until I absolutely have to...when new settings dictate new tactics, you don`t ignore them.
  8. I want to kill all of you. :devil:
  9. I have the PS2 version so this may not be the same problem... BUT There is an option in the PS2 version that allows you to turn the stats on and off...read the instruction manual.
  10. "And the truth shall set you free" I woulda fuckin "ratted" them out...rat is just a useful term to dissuade dumb people from doing the right thing, telling the truth, and upholding the laws (or rules) of the land... You people need to grow up and start taking responsibility for your own actions. You cheat, you get banned. JAD is not responsible for that. I fuckin hate you JAD, but you did the right thing.
  11. Come Get Some!


    QUOTE Wait, he got 1 year for telling someone to tk him and Dyrus only got 1 week for tking someone?! that is really stupid if true That statement would imply there is inadequate knowledge to make a difinitive judgment.
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