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  1. everyone is on my list except the following: Arcadian Ummagumma Revenger Circle Whizzbanger Skippy SoM Unissuh Quickshot* Pontiac
  2. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/5424172 first off, before you read this let me tell you what its about. T.O. Now the second part is this. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD PICK UP T.O? I mean really, all he does is complain about money, and tears apart locker rooms. I'm going out on a limb right now and saying this, I feel bad for Cowboy fans.
  3. PRIME = ALI, RIAZ 80 Saint Patrick St, Toronto, ON M5T 2X6, (416) 596-0843
  4. MARCH 8TH - NO USE FOR A NAME - clutch cargos
  5. So here I am again with some more random thoughts. I just want you all to know, if you work in an office all day then you need to listen to these guys. 101 WRIF in the morning. Its a radio show called "drew and Mike in the morning". The website is www.drewmike.com , they are out of Detroit, but they are funny as hell. Website has link to listen to them live. I also wanted to say, that its was pretty fucking awesome to see all 4 Pistons step out on the court at the same time for the all star game. As you could tell, as soon as they got in, the game slowed down a bit. I think that was because they dont want the west to think they arent as strong defensivly anymore. But you know, whatever. LIONS FANS! Beware, we might get fucked on a trade coming from San Diego. Drew Brees, out of Purdue is having shoulder surgery. The Chargers are very afraid of the outcome of the surgery, and scared it might have an effect on his throwng ability. Just because they might let him go, and let Rivers play, DO NOT PRAY TO GET Brees. Reasons being: 1) We will have to pay a lot of money to get the same thing we already have ... Joey Harrington. 2) God Damnit! We have too many freaking holes we need to fix before we go for another offensive player (not including O-Line) 3) If you have ever seen Brees play when his O line falls, he isnt that good. With the top HB, and top TE in the league...well damnit man, you gotta be more productive. And for my final farewells for now: Skippy, Great freaking concert the other day. Sorry my bros and i scared you. Quickshot*, Your girlfriend's friends are so freaking shady. I couldn't believe it. Have a great day everyone!
  6. Spirit Phantom


    have you ever seen let alone felt an explosion? I have, utmost respect for that jar head.
  7. So I was thinking about this the other day. And let me know what you guys think. As most of you know I live close to Detroit. Everything for the past 3 weeks is about the superbowl. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE FOOTBALL. Anyways, the city is doing everything it can to make it a better more friendly city for the next 2 weeks. What happens after the superbowl? Do all the friendly smiling faces go away? Does the city revert itself back to what it was? I mean really though, you spend millions of dollars to make your city look nice, and then what? Are we just going to let it fall to shit again? Also, I think it's BULLSHIT that none of the Detroit Pistons made it on as a starter for the NBA All Star Game. As of right now 38-6 ... If that doest sell it then what does? Oh wait, being a huge 200 pounder named Shaq. FUCK THAT, the pistons needed at least 2 on the roster. Chauncy Billups, and Ben/Rasheed Wallace. Thats my 2 cents.
  8. My other kid's name is Jesus Contagious ... j/k its my madden 06 profile name. And yes, the books were great. They came out with another book, that goes through the "Da Vinci Code" in paragraphs. It then will have a paragraph underneath that explaining the real facts about it. Check it out at Borders Books.
  9. i have seen the new map, and i like it. good work you aussie bastard.
  10. Okay, i just felt like writing nonsense for a bit. So stay with me on this. Support the troops, not the cause. I have yet to meet anyone in the US that will say "I hate all the Army/Navy/Marine/Airforce bastards". Nobody is asking you to change positions for your political views, just support the people that brought the war to the middle east, and not on your front yard. "Fall Out Boy" if you havent seen these guys live, DONT. They are extremely awful in concert, and in my opinion just a horrible sounding live band. They may have made a great record, but they just suck nuts. Also they dont put out alot of energy at their shows. Gas prices are again rising, and that means a smaller checking account. IMO, hybrids should have been being developed 15 years ago, at least that way we can have 50+ MPG in the states. I dont know what prices are around the world, but in Michigan (Detroit area), it shot from 2.22 to 2.46 . Thats all i got for now. So if i thknk of anything else to write to entertain you guys, I'll post it later. lata playa's
  11. already been asked to ref, i'll be there as much as possible for my fellow SWZ'ers
  12. all i wanna say, is that i hate skippy, and QS. You both suck my left nut. J/K but really - Hockeytown for Superbowl XL . Lemme know what you think.
  13. SWZL? Oh wait, we might get 3 squads to sign up...unless we can convince other squads to play in a dead zone. Might want to start thinking about this, as the time goes on. Wink Wink, Starseed, Shocktech, Tirana, Skyrakers....lists go on and on.
  14. mackie, your a moron. I have tried to do things for this zone, but for some unknown reason you always shoot me down. I have tried to help on staff, and have tried even starting a league to help with the population. I wasnt saying that to make you sound like a dick, it was my opinion. Thanks for being a caring sysop, oh yeah..SUCK A FAT COCK, YOU FAT SACK OF SHIT.
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