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  1. theres nothing to contribute to
  2. Why is this zone still online? serious, its dead, shut it down and save some money its like a undying grand parent thats been on life support for years and if it could say "Pull the plug" it would
  3. league sucked anyways, its just another reason to argue, hurray!
  4. what full charge just said, is why swz is, or use to be interesting in my finally statements of this post, Shut the fuck up you stupid ass shitbag full charge, the good old days is all we have left
  5. back in the day was awesome, long night chat fights and getting silenced by mom or someone, one of the reason swz was interesting
  6. its all sankas fault, and mas's for not sticking up for u
  7. dead poets soceity was a decent movie, but just barely
  8. 12 - 0 spindle obviously
  9. omg ur stoned in the morning too!?!! jholy shit
  10. get out of the community
  11. lol, someones going outta their way to be an asshole WHITE POWDER!!
  12. completely forgot about this, o yeah, back to those 2 butt buddies from dsb, im sorry, but ur not needed in swz anymore, pick up ur check in the morning, dont let the door hit ur ass on the way out, good bye dear fuck tards of the year, maybe even the stupidest pair of cock suckers ever to come to swz, well fair well, maybe theres a train back to san fransico for u 2, all u have to do is suck some cock, im sure u 2 get enough practice on each other
  13. weed, pcp, and hard liquor
  14. I vote ban them both, their racist mackie, im offended! ban them ban them!
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