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  1. Unissuh

    New Map

    ?go uniswz and take a look at a map I've been working on for SWZ main ideas/suggestions/comments welcome, just ?message em to me if i'm not around.
  2. Well now whats happening? This has to finish before the 9th because from then I am going MIA for 2 weeks, so I'm not sure whether we can show to anything until after christmas from then.
  3. Can we reconsider this one? This renders pretty much every item except thor and weapon upgrades useless; particularly energy, bounce and xradar which I know that I use all the time.
  4. Bah forget 5pm EST, none of us can show to that. Has to be at LEAST 6pm on Sunday.
  5. Unissuh


    Incentive for people to pointwhore perhaps? To be able to wipe out the whole nme with ?buy thors? Look on the bright side, at least I didn't win it after we thored
  6. Oops, sorry I didn't reply earlier. Preferably late as possible on Sunday, I'd kinda like it to be around 6PM EST Sunday. If not at 6PM EST can we schedule it to be at around 11PM-1AM EST?
  7. Unissuh


    Who would eat a kangaroo?
  8. Ok, so Mackie said I should probably post all my issues with the settings here. 1) ?buy prices Ridiculous, absolutely. PRICE: Energy=10000 Rotation=15000 XRadar=50000 Gun=1000000 Bomb=1000000 PRICE: Bounce=15000 MultiFire=25000 Prox=4000000 Super=800000 Repel=1500000 PRICE: Burst=400000 Thor=2000000 Brick=300000 Rocket=100000 Portal=100000 I have no problem with energy, rotation, xradar, gun, bomb, bounce, multifire, prox and thor. Super is priced far too low. It is very easy to hold a base, and take an nme base with super. With the current price, someone could spam supers all day and not break a sweat. Someone please upgrade this to at LEAST 2 mill as supers are at least as valuable as a thor. Probably more so. Repel and burst should be taken off the ?buy list in my opinion. There is no real benefit to having them there, they are too expensive to ?buy and use singularly and too cheap to prevent people spamming ?buy and repping or bursting 20 times in a row or more. Brick and rocket likewise, totally useless. No use even spamming them. Especially brick, as it's now 3 tiles wide and lasts what seems a whole 10 seconds. Portal seems okay to me. Expensive enough to deter reccers from constantly spamming them, and cheap enough to use in the heat of a flag game if you desperately need a portal. My idea ?buy list: PRICE: Energy=10000 Rotation=15000 XRadar=50000 Gun=1000000 Bomb=1000000 PRICE: Bounce=15000 MultiFire=25000 Prox=4000000 Super=2000000 Thor=2000000 PRICE: Portal=100000 2) Jackpot I also think that the ?jackpot multiplier is a little too high. People are able to get away constantly with 8 mill jps or whatever for half an hour of play. This tends to mess up with the ?buy prices especially super. 3) Warbird and Terrier bombspam Also pretty stupid. Please increase the reload time after a bomb in warbird and terr. Having a warbird or terr being able to possibly kill you in one direct hit with ONE red bomb out of a spam of about EIGHT red bombs is shitty. 4) Antiwarp Just a thought, antiwarp on all, or more ships would be interesting, contrary to what I posted on Snoopy's thread. I would preferentially like them to be on slower ships too, other than weasel. Just an idea to think about. I'm not sure how it is possible to fix this, but when there actually is a flag game going on, it is very irritating when there are a couple of morons who antiwarp the center and prevent everyone from getting into a base. Open to ideas on this one. 5) Map Some people are saying that the current map is getting old. I'm not saying we need a new map, but it would be a good idea to get some ideas bouncing around for new bases etc. Other than that, I request that since everyone loves to have events in the public arena instead of going to some priv arena, the 3 duel boxes in the corners of the map be reinstated. These would be incredibly helpful to run events in, particularly if one was clear, one had a turf style base inside it, and one just had general obstacles. 6) ?status I'm not sure why some ships start off with 80%-90%s in the ?status field. These are the approximate starting ?status of the ships: Warbird: Recharge:100% Thruster:90% Speed:95% Rotation:95% Shrapnel:2 Javelin: Recharge:100% Thruster:90% Speed:95% Rotation:95% Shrapnel:2 Spider: Recharge:100% Thruster:90% Speed:90% Rotation:90% Shrapnel:2 Leviathan: Recharge:100% Thruster:95% Speed:95% Rotation:95% Shrapnel:2 Terrier: Recharge:100% Thruster:90% Speed:95% Rotation:95% Shrapnel:2 Weasel: Recharge:100% Thruster:100% Speed:100% Rotation:95% Shrapnel:2 Lancaster: Recharge:90% Thruster:100% Speed:90% Rotation:95% Shrapnel:2 Shark: Recharge:100% Thruster:95% Speed:90% Rotation:90% Shrapnel:8 I don't quite see why some ships, ie weasel, start off at close to 100% while others, like the spider, have such low stats. This is irritating, especially as thruster and speed greens are as rare as possible in the greens. Can we standardize these settings, perhaps all to 95% or so? In particular, weasel is far too well off, and spider is suffering. 7) Speccing people Someone requested that people in spec be able to see energy/items of the people who are playing, like in ?go prac. I'm not sure whether this is a good idea as people could tell when players have ports, or when caps are low on energy and pass on the information to the nme frequency. On the bright side, it's more exciting? for the players who are in spec, as we seem to have plenty of those. I'll leave this open for debate. 8) Flag settings in general Last of all, I'm not sure why we keep switching from one extreme to the other one flag settings. We went from 300? seconds or more with all flags on one ship to 120 seconds and 1 flag per ship (PL's settings) back to 180 seconds and all flags on one ship again. I'm not really too fussed about which one we finally decide on, just stop changing. In particular, the ?buy prices, ?status, jackpot and warbird/terrier bombs need to be fixed. I will add to this later if I think of anything else. PS: Don't turn this into a hate/flame/useless thread. -uni
  9. (Howie Feltersnatch)>no need to be defensive.... i was a loser once... i understand your position Just had to post that.
  10. 1) ?buy prices I have brought up the ?buy before, I don't think anything happened to it though. Agreed that prices are ridiculous. Super is way underpriced, and other items such as brick and rocket are way overpriced. 2) Antiwarp I can't say I support antiwarp on any ship. Antiwarp specific to ships tends to improve teamwork (in my opinion) and if every ship, particularly warbird, were to have anti then I can guarantee you that there would be a whole bunch of warbirds flying around in center with antiwarp on. That would suck for obvious reasons. 3) Warbird bombs Hate to say it, but sucks. The energy cost for firing bombs from a warbird is supposed to be high enough that it will not be that effective, unfortunatly this does NOT work out, as someone forgot that 8 blue shrap added to a warbird bomb can cause a 1 hit kill. Same with terrs. A delay on the bomb firing such as is present on the weasel would be helpful here, but that would probably cause a delay after using items, which everyone complained about before. 4) The "bee" I like it. When I've used it, it has always been pretty darn effective, usually the enemy team has no FR anchor, which enables it to sneak in, steal the flags and run. Probably what you've been noting is people like me messing around trying to center kill with a "bee", emphasis on "trying". 5) Flag timer No problems with me, we seem to be shifting in between long, resetable flag timers and short un-resetable flag timers. All I ask is that we make up our mind and stick with one of them. 6) Neuting No difference to me one way or the other. I really don't think it makes much of a difference, except with neuting there is far more likely to be a single dominant freq that is camping in base reaping flag rewards. 7) Events Yeah. Not easy to host with 4 people.
  11. justi you newbie what are you doing posting here 5pm EST Sunday (Preferably earlier than 5pm if you can't make 5pm, Saturday games are impossible for us.)
  12. Ah, when I said speed, I meant RATE (how fast you increase the song speed, not the speed of the notes ascending). I play everything on C200 anyway.
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