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  1. QUOTE (Code Red @ Dec 20 2004, 01:11 AM) pro-tip of the day....sounds kind of lame. and is there really THAT many tips that can be given out about the game? most of the tips probably revolve around reiterating rules or teaching keys for items, etc etc etc cuz there really isn't that much to subspace......... I remember SWZ being exceedingly difficult when I first started. It shouldn't be too hard to come up with at least 100 tips, even if they're really simple things like how to repel and other basic commands. Even then, it's only an idea. Nothing is set in stone yet.
  2. QUOTE (senti @ Dec 19 2004, 05:22 AM) php-nuke or post-nuke are both easy and fast to install. Since the webspace has a feature to install one of those. Also you can adjust to whatever you like which can take some time. But that shouldn't be a problem for php experts. good example of a php-nuke site is the dsb site DSB site And the EG site also looks like that, only a bit too dull. EG site PHP-Nuke is really really nice, and does look very good. It surely looks a lot better than the current site design.
  3. A valid point being brought up by a number of people is how much our site sucks. The link on the downloads page is to an older version of Cont, the layout was a step backwards from where we were, and there is no "Are you a newbie? GO HERE FIRST" page. Please use this thread to bring up any ideas you have regarding a site re-design. Should we utilize the power of Flash? Should we have a "Pro-Tip of the Day" for newbies? Should we include a bar linking to hot topics on the forums? Any and all ideas regarding the site design are welcome. Any off-topic or derailing posts will be edited or deleted by myself. Thanks!
  4. wald0

    Zone Pop.

    QUOTE (GForce @ Dec 17 2004, 08:57 PM) how are we going to attract people to the zone when our motto is who let the cows out...the majority of the people that play are junior high schoolers or high schoolers..come on..cows were cool in like 3rd grade when i could say moo and people would laugh... not that i even play anymore but just thought an outsiders view might help its even the little things that matter... What if we reverted to the old design, the one EJ did for us?
  5. Thanks for your input, senti. Regarding inter-zone advertising: I've always seen this as kinda taboo, as most zones, including our own, have a "no advertising other zones" rule. I can't see many sysops letting us advertise our zone simply because we put together a nice marketing campaign. Regarding the point you made about advertising Continuum as a game instead of only advertising SWZ: That's already been changed. I want to focus on getting people interested in the game first, then SWZ secondly. Perhaps we can modify the installation wizard to advertise SWZ during the install process, or somehow highlight the zone on the zones list. Or perhaps we can somehow make our website more attractive and maintain the current version of Cont on the download page, and simply direct people to our URL as opposed to another SS portal. There are still a lot of kinks to work out, so input like senti's is really going to help. Nothing is definite yet, so please keep the ideas coming. Thanks senti.
  6. I've whipped up a serious flyer, after having some time to sit down for a bit: Tell me what you guys think. Edit: Here is the same image in B&W, so you can see what it would look like in print:
  7. QUOTE (TC Dark Reign @ Dec 14 2004, 09:19 AM) QUOTE (fox-1 @ Dec 14 2004, 10:27 AM) But just to let you know. Your banner pointing to starwarzone.com will not do the work. You're right...people will have no idea what to do once they get there, but we can instead direct them to a welcome page, outlining how to get started, including everything from downloading the game, setting it up and entering SWZ. If anyone wants to create such a guide, Miew can put it on the site, or I can for that matter (tc@jfsquad.com). Excellent idea. I'll start working on something as soon as I can.
  8. This thread is dedicated to producing the best possible hand-out flyers for our zone. I've given a few examples of what I'm looking for (get reader excited, make sure they know about Star Warzone, and include our URL somewhere on it). As a bonus incentive, the winning artist will be prized 1000 BTY, Prox, and a random warp green to the bot. These prizes are transferable if the winner wants someone else to have the prizes. (Horrible) examples: Simple, to-the-point, playbill style. The words "CONTINUUM", and "STAR WARZONE" are very large and easy to read, as well as the URL for our site. Again, very simple. Targeting for high school and college students. Emphasis is put on how the game is totally free, and the URL is large and easy to remember.
  9. This is a serious forum, and will be moderated as such. Any bull-shit posts or replies will be deleted with absolutely no warning. This forum is kept public so that the general population can keep us accountable for staying busy for them. Criticism is expected for new campaigns or graphics. Trolling will be greeted with a swift kick in the nuts, with no warning. Bottom line: if you do not have anything constructive to add, go back to the TTF (Trash Talk Forum).
  10. SomethingAwful.com The forums at SomethingAwful.com have more than 50,000 members, with an average of 1,000 active members at any given time. This is a HUGE community, and it costs very little to advertise on their site. I have already paid for one banner ad, and will continue to pay for more each month. The current banner I have up there sucks, because I spent a total of about two minutes on it: (Thanks PL for the webspace!) Any thoughts regarding handling a large community such as SA are welcome in this thread.
  11. The purpose of the SWZ Marketing Team is simple: market our zone, draw in a crowd, and reconstruct our once-great population. We will be attacking from two fronts: Real-Life: Easy-to-print flyers will be distributed in college campuses, work-places, and other popular locations. Normal players are encouraged to print off these flyers and place them around their towns, hand them out to their friends, etc. Custom versions of Continuum with instructions on how to play in SWZ will be burned to mini-CD-rs and distributed in the same manner as the flyers. I will personally be bearing the financial burden, paying shipping costs, etc. Internet: Animated banner ads will be created and placed onto high-traffic web sites such as popular web forums, news sites, and search engines. Again, the financial burden will fall on me, wald0. Other various online marketing techniques will be utilized, and this post will be updated accordingly. This is a very special part of SWZ, in that we are the most passionate people in the zone, and care the most about seeing our population rise. We love our zone, and love the community, and will take an active role in securing the zone's population for the future.
  12. Are you self-motivated? Do you enjoy planning advertising campaigns, creating banner ads, and handing out flyers to college-aged individuals? I WANT YOU I have decided that I, like all of us, am sick and tired of seeing EG, TW, DSB, and RedStar with 100+ populations, while the greatest zone of all time (SWZ, of course), rarely sees populations about 30 these days. I have had enough. Personally, I SUCK at making maps, balancing settings, and all that stuff. I leave that crap to the Dev team. Senti is one of the best map makers I've ever had the chance to meet - Slyth and Raynor are gods of tile design - and JAD could balance a fork and a machine gun in a fight (if the fork was a Warbird and the machine gun was a Levi). What I AM good at, is marketing and advertising. Do you know how long it has been since Subspace/Continuum has seen a mass-medium advertising campaign? Neither do I, but that's not the point!. The point is, if we want to see new faces in our community, we need to get off our asses and do something about it. I will be forming a new group of individuals who are highly motivated and want to see our zone grow. I will create.... THE SSCX STAR WARZONE MARKETING TEAM We will be designing printer friendly flyers for players to distribute to their friends, creating animated banner ads which will be placed on high-traffic web sites (paid for by myself), and otherwise drawing attention to Subspace, and SWZ specifically. If you are interested in joining, have any questions, want to complain about me trying to help the zone at my own personal expense, or have anything else related to say, please use this thread to do so. This is a serious endeavor, and any bullshit replies WILL be deleted, no matter how much I like you.
  13. These two maps tied in the last poll, this this will be the final decisive poll. After this poll is finished, the event wll be run (hopefully next week!). Please cast your vote and make sure your friends and squad-mates do as well. G2 with Combs G2 with Cloud City and S12
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