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    Fox is so easy
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    Happy Easter!

    I will spend my weekend in a house i got on the country side, along with alot of friends. Will be much drinking, sitting in the sauna and snowmobile adventures =) Hope you all will have a great time aswell, cya!
  3. Change the jackpot system back to what it used to be, instead of messing everything up. Leviticus rec is worth like 10 million points from The Huntress 400+ mills, someone who played 24/7 to get that record and all leviticus does is jump into the winning team when game about to end, then back to spec. Same goes to all other records out there (that good people have), its worth nothing now.
  4. So take his name off and put back the real all time high scorer The Huntress. thx/ SoM
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    Sure, if i can create a private freq and get my own people.
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    Someone lock this topic.
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    NP: The Alchemist - Stop The Show
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    Top Authority - Murda
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  10. Not everyone play only one zone mackieman =p, im known as SoM but i use different alias for all zones/squads i play for.
  11. me and fox-1's lag > yours EZ
  12. Dont know why he banned the name "Prime", which is owned by me and FLOo/SLOo since ages. Tell GS to ban "P R I M E" and "Devil+" instead of banning my username
  13. SoM

    Zone Down

    I get like...much better ping on priitks
  14. Buy to win, its gay. Buy 3 bricks and the flag game is over.
  15. If you run the antivirus program "Panda": 1) Uinstall Panda and install Norton or some other good a-v program. 2) Go to www.ssforum.net and look up the topic about the a-v program under "technical Support" if you want to setup Panda to make Continuum work. Only if you have Panda that is....good luck.
  16. My msn is inspecktordeck@hotmail.com
  17. SoM

    Zone Down

    Just got back today (Sunday) and had 10 ?messages about it. I never knew he hosted them illegaly all theese years, i wish him goodluck tomorrow with his job and stuff....same goes to Yarekim. I've been searching for a new apartment more central in my city for some months now and havent found one that i like very much yet. However, i will be moving soon and probably connect myself to this 100/10 Mbit (fiber). Anyone know how much it takes to run 1 (almost dead) zone? /Slayer
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    Haha, turning prac bot off? Sounds like a very good idea to increase the population: Force people to flag. Why dont you just speclock the players in main thats not flagging? Laugh. Having two freqs ball with flags until there is enough people in play and then one freq decides to drop and win, but i guess thats the only way in with the current settings? I rather win couple of fast games to make other freq/people want to win real bad. And having points in todays starwarzone means nothing really, so i dont see why you guys always want thoose "big" jackpots before you flag to win. Same goes to having a squad in starwarzone, useless. Why have one when you cant even play together anymore. Warzone CTF been fading away just like SWZ, putting public freqs wasnt a very good move for them either it seems. And if you want population to increase by running events, might want to advertise about them on a site like www.sscentral.com like all other zones. And use your contacs in other zones (if you have any) to get people to come play. Unissuh's Map: I like the bases. Map is still to big imop. The staff area is waste of space. Skip center or make it smaller? ___________________________ 1) Smaller map. 2) Private freqs of 4-6 players. 3) Small bases, little bigger than the ones you guys made close to center. 4) No ?buy menu. 5) No proximity or very hard to get. 6) No flag upgrades. 7) Not so many greens, dont know why whoever changed so there is like 10000 greens in center at all times. 8) The powerball sucks, its just there cause its always been there but never done anything good. 9) Advertise SWZ on www.sscentral.com alot, events, score standings on scoreresets etc etc 10) Put more time into making swz fit our current population like, game play settings etc. Okay here is my answer on why i want to change things above: 1) Smaller map so you dont have to search long before you find enemy freqs or running flagger. Fits our population better and the small private freqs. + Antiwarp range smaller. 2) Only way to make private freqs work is to set the limit on private freqs 4-5, and use the same for the public freqs (1-100). Gives more challenge, much more fun, squads can actully fill a freq again, new people would in time get better instead of standing still on their skill level. 3) Small map, small priv freqs so little bigger bases than the ones we had in center before would be best imop. Maybe 4-5 bases. 4) Buy Menu, its dumb. There is people who got time to play 30 minutes a day, and then there is people who got time to play 5 hours a day. Its easy for people who play alot to ?buy their way to win, what im trying to say is that everyone should have the same condition to win. Skill or luck or something like that, should be the winning factor. Only thing we used to have before in ?buy menu was Prox, but even that was kinda gay. 5) Prox, fun to have sometimes....good to use for flagging aswell when defending or such. Gets gay when its easy to get and everyone got it. 6) It give some ships advantage, and some ships just get worse. 7) To many greens in center, first i want to defend my bounty record....or not really =p But with all thoose greens, why dont you just give all ships max on status and max specials right away and skip the greens. It was better before heh 8) Yeah the powerball, doesnt really affect the game play....so yeah whatever i guess it was not importent to bring up. 9) So people can see there is still some people around in swz and maybe drop by, could get lucky...who knows. 10) Yeah dont need to go any further on this one. This is just some things I think would make swz better, if you dont agree or do agree please say so and why Now its very hard to change things in swz since Mackieman got like all the powers atleast when it comes to settings and such And i guess there would be very hard to try run swz active again for any sysop, noone got the time or dedication to do things like Captain Harloch used to.....and the playerbase subspace got now isnt making it easy. Still got luv for my swz homeys Ya, thats all i got to say for now...feel free to chat with me when im on ?find Slayer of Men
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    4 days later. ?find Jesster Not online, last seen 11 hours ago haha...hahahahaha...hahahahaahhahahahahahahahhaahhahahaahah
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    Since when is Masaru "All time highscorer"? Take that wannabe down and put up the real "All time highscorer" The Huntress again. /SoM
  21. Hope it will be a success, cant play ship ships at 1am Monday thought :I
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    So what? Hes one tough mother fucker.
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